Equitorial Guinea

orly-taitz1Like the poor and Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz will always be with us:

With the new filing, she submitted a putative immigration form showing Barack Obama’s ethnic code listed as “Equatorial Guinea.” And she lashes out against a “well orchestrated effort … to assassinate my character,” saying she receives death threats on a daily basis.

She will not rest until she does time for contempt – and then she’ll start again.

New Orly Taitz Filing [In Dismissed Case] [TPM]

Proof positive that the bar’s disciplinary process takes too god damn fucking long.

You guys do realize that Orly’s going to be President Palin’s first Supreme Court appointment, right?

@Serolf Divad: And the Dems won’t filibuster it, for fear of upsetting their colleagues.


Filibuster? Hell, Joe Lieberman and a half-dozen blue-dogs will give speeches in favor of her nomination.

@Serolf Divad: Lieberman, noting her emigration to Israel in 1981, will support her without question.

@Jamie Sommers: Since the Governator vetoed the bill that authorizes the State Bar to collect dues, and they’re going after all the shysters in the Central Valley and Inland Empire preying on people with foreclosed homes, the California State Bar has probably let Orly slide to the back burner.

TJ/rant: Why do hotels charge you $10 a day for wireless and then have the shittiest signals??

@SanFranLefty: In London, we got an hour free (but you had to be in lobby) OR you could pay 25p a minute up to a maximum of 15 pounds (about 25 bucks, I think) to get wireless in your room. Concierge heard my cry of pain and upped the downstairs time to 2 hours, gave us enough time for her to work and me to do my stupid shit.

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