And Then There Were Two

huck You know that guy who murdered those four police officers in cold blood up in Seattle? Well, guess what. Turns out the suspect was a prisoner in Arkansas, facing some 200 years of prison for various aggravated robberies and assaults until then Governor Mike Huckabee commuted his sentence after just 11 years. Let the finger pointing begin.

Now, given that Huckabee faced similar difficulties last time around with regards to sentence commutations gone wrong, prospects of a 2012 GOP presidential nomination look bleak for Huckabee.


The whole thing with Huck isn’t the fact that he showed some judicial reasoning, but the whole basis of his reasoning.

The guy that Huck let go was an utter psycho and would be regardless of what spiritual flag he flew. This is why whenever some tells me they’re a “Good Christian or whatever” I roll my eyes.

This is excellent news for John McCain.

@Capt Howdy: As someone else pointed out elsewhere – it’s merely Drudge bait. Anything to get a link from that little shitbag….

Pardoned twice as many prisoners as the previous 3 governors put together. It makes me like him. The prisoners granted clemency were investigated and then recommended to him. In this case, it was based on the fact this guy was sentenced to 95 years in jail for something he did when he was a juvenile. Nine years have passed since Huckabee let him out, and there has been ample opportunity for someone to put him back in.

The nation is finally, at long last, tipping away from our policy of insanely long criminal sentences and seeming to return to some sort of sanity (one example of what is going on is one of Obama’s little noticed initiatives), and now this happens, and I see even liberals who should know better who can’t help themselves but to use it to take the cheap shot at Huckabee. And hundreds of thousands of prisoners will continue to rot away because the politicians are going to drop any proposal to lighten sentences like a hot potato.

Some days just grate on me. Its like hearing Tom Jones sing “Green Green Grass of Home.” When you don’t want to. Over and over again. Thats what my day is like.

@Capt Howdy: Cheney wasn ‘t supposed to live through the Bush terms, this is getting ridiculous. Are people finally going to start asking questions when he runs in 2060? Umm, Mr. Cheney, aren’t you supposed to be dead? Whats up? Deal with Satan? Are you a vampire? Harvesting the organs of the illegal immigrants that you use for “prey” on your secret human-hunting preserve?

I dont think anyone would really be surprised to find out Cheney was a reanimated corpse

@Jamie Sommers:
Most writers are lucky to get a room at the Motel 6, a cheese platter and some warm bottled water when they do a book tour.

Going Rouge is a definite loss leader for HarperCollins. Glad it’s not my money.

@ManchuCandidate: I doubt that HarperCollins are paying for the plane.


I don’t mean to judge whether this clemency decision was wise or not. Just to point out that, given that the GOP has transmogrified itself into something akin to the “Female Circumcision Party” from the Saturday Night Live 3rd party debate skit some years back, Huckabee’s going to have a hard time winning over the party faithful.

@Benedick: If they’re not, then she’s gonna find a big fat hole in her wallet at the end of the tour. That plane rents out at $4000/hour.

@Jamie Sommers: I love that she forgets when she is Tweeting. Just landed in Virginia! Oops, I mean just got off of the interstate…

@Benedick: Even Son of RML knows that her stupid book is selling for $4 at some outlets.

@Jamie Sommers: Not her wallet. Someone else will foot the bill. It’s the Palin Way.

@redmanlaw: Publisher might be fronting the costs but will take out of any profit going to her. I’d be surprised if they don’t structure it the same way rock band tours operate.

@SanFranLefty: $4,000/hour is probably getting off pretty cheap. Just don’t let the bitch go shopping.

@homofascist: I know. That’s hilarious! This woman is comically stupid.

@SanFranLefty: That’s why the Dead had to tour for years in the 70s – not ‘cuz they loved it, but to pay The Man back for advances they took.

I read that U2 gets a $15 million advance per album from Record Co, which gets paid back from tour and merch income, which was $154 million for the Vertigo tour in 2005. The 360 tour income is expected to be $400 million for 2009 with additional shows worldwide in 2010. And to think I saw them in Denver in 1981 for $3. Unlike U2, however, Palin has no other income streams on this tour except for the book and possibly whatever goes into her PAC, which probably can’t be used for personal expenses (not that it would stop her). Income tax disclosures for this year and next will be interesting.

@Jamie Sommers: Like RML said, she’s not paying but someone is. Scaife? Murdoch? Saruman?

@SanFranLefty: I would reeeeally doubt the publisher is paying. Maybe they provided the bus.

@Benedick: Gawker sez the publisher sez they paid for 3 of the flights.

@Benedick: “The publisher” is Rupert. This is not a conventional commercial project, and need not play by the rules.

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