The Agony of Defeatism

It never grows old.

Author and radio host Amy Goodman (no, we don’t know her, either) was driving to Canada on Wednesday to promote her book in Vancouver and Victoria. At the B.C. border crossing, she was asked to get out of her car. Ninety minutes later, car, notes and computer thoroughly searched, she was allowed to resume her journey — provided she got the hell out of Canada within 48 hours.

Good lord, what does it take to get Canadians pissed at you?

Apparently the border agents were intensely curious about the subject of her talks. So she told them: healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan — you know, the shit we’ve been talking about all year.

Not good enough. No, the border agents insisted, what are you really going to talk about?

Healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan. Hey, her show is called “Democracy Now” — what else is there for a lefty to talk about?

Finally, her interrogator showed his hand:

“You’re saying you’re not talking about the Olympics?”

U.S. journalist grilled at Canada border crossing [CBC]

“He was clearly incredulous that I wasn’t going to be talking about the Olympics. He didn’t believe me,” Goodman said.

You know how when you buy a new pair of shoes and go out you’re constantly wondering “Man, I wonder what they’re all thinking about my new shoes? Are they pimp or lame?” But in truth no one cares or has even noticed you’re wearing new shoes?

The sad thing is that ever since the Olympic Committee decided to split up the Summer and Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics have become about as popular and meaningful as the Midwest High School Junior Varsity Table Tennis Playoffs.

Well the Olympics ARE a big deal…

If you’re a politically connected real estate developer who happened to own a good piece of Whistler Mountain and surrounding regions and then shockingly chaired the committee to bring the Olympics to Vancouver.

Plus talking about Afghanistan isn’t a good thing in Canada City right now as the gubbiment was caught in a series of big fat lies about how much they knew about prisoners being transferred to Afghani prisons against IRC and Geneva Convention (remember that?) rules. This after they passed a law about more transparency which seems to only apply if you’re a Librul.

Couldn’t they have just bombed the Baldwins again?

Oh, I just got the joke of the title. Duh. “The Thrill Of Bitchery . . . .”

@blogenfreude: I had to rip that off the DVD — couldn’t find a large enough image online.

@Dodgerblue: The title might have made more sense if I had worked in remarks about the Canuck speedskating team’s dick moves, as reported by Colbert. Apparently they’re keeping other teams from practicing on the new track, which is very unusual by Olympic standards. The locals are very touchy about making sure they grab some gold as the hosts.

@ManchuCandidate: And the comments on the CBC article are very illuminating about how Harper’s perverting border policies. (There’s also a classic from a SoCal expat who swears things are just lovely down here. Right.)

Speaking of the CBC, a famous old blooper from a staff announcer: “This is the Canadian Broadcorping Castration.”

Problem is that Harper is trying to politicize EVERYTHING.


…knew about prisoners being transferred to Afghani prisons against IRC and Geneva Convention (remember that?) rules. This after they passed a law about more transparency which seems to only apply if you’re a Librul…

Remember Maher Arar. Most of us down south like to think that Canada is some kind of wonderland, a place where US American ideals about rule of law and adherence to international treaty are actually practiced.

But when it comes to the Global War on Terrorism you have to keep in mind the nefarious interconnections of the Global Information Agencies, Britan, Canada, Germany, Italy, USA, etc. No matter what they say in public you just know they’re doing dirty deeds (not done cheap) behind the scenes.

This is why US American agents can snatch an Italian citizen from Milan and send him off to torture in Egypt or Syria or wherever, and why Britain can be cowed from obeying their own courts to disclose details of US American torture of one of their citizens or residents because, hey, we wouldn’t want the cooperation to be put in jeopardy, would we?

The Global War on Terror is just around the corner, at a 7-11 near you..

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