International Male

If it smells, he's under it.

The Stinque Cap makes a smart fashion statement on any continent. You’ll turn heads wherever you go, and not just because you’re driving on the wrong side of the road. Available for only $16.99 at the Stinqueria!

(Also shown: Blogenfreude and the S.O. at Hampton Court Palace.)


What? Now we have the Himbo Chronicles? The blog devolves into a soup of sex objects?

Dang. I just blew my hat budget by spending a whopping $7 at Wal Mart for a camo baseball cap with the UNM Lobos logo on it.

My first thought: “OMFG, Philip Seymour Hoffman is wearing a Stinque hat!!!!!”
Sorry, bloggie–you’re much better looking, and thinner. And you have a very cute GF.

@Mistress Cynica: Thinner? Maybe ….

And today is the half day I promised her at Harrods. Pray for me.

@blogenfreude: You’ve most likely been and gone but I was going to say don’t miss the fish hall. And just so you know, they will bargain with you.

An old working acquaintance of the OH’s was famously dificult to work with but was held in a sort of affectionate dread in the theatre. Her husband was something fancy in diplomacy and was called away on business one evening when she was giving a dinner party to which he had invited a visiting colleaugue whom she didn’t know. This visitor had a heart attack and died in the middle of dinner. The OH said to her “But what did you do?” To which she replied, “Well, darling, I called Harrods.” They sent a team from the undertaking dept who picked up the body and did all the paperwork and later planned the funeral. That’s what one calls service.

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