Wolf Blitzer Auditions for Fox News

We’ve always considered Wolf Blitzer more a congenial doofus than a pandering faux-populist, but we may have to revise our opinion in light of his questioning today to the lawyer representing the Fort Hood shooter:

They asked me, how could a retired U.S. military officer, a full colonel, go ahead and represent someone accused of mass murder? And I want you to explain to our viewers why you’re doing this.

Col. John Galligan (Ret.) fills in Wolf about what he missed when he skipped his high school civics class:

I fully appreciate the importance of ensuring that everybody has a fair trial… The rights that I’m asking be accorded to Major Hasan are the rights that service members live and die for.

Which doesn’t stop Wolf from getting in a sign-off zinger:

I’m sure he will get a much fairer hearing than those thirteen Americans who were brutally gunned down the other day.

We never thought we’d find ourselves agreeing with teabaggers, but we can’t help but ask: When can we get our America back? You know, the one where basic Constitutional rights aren’t challenged by politicians and their media lackeys.

Wolf Blitzer Questions How Hasan’s Lawyer Can Represent ‘Someone Accused Of Mass Murder’ [TPM]

Why didn’t Woof just ask why he doesn’t plunge a dagger through Hassan’s heart and lick the blade for the audience at home?

Is he trying to fill Lou Dobb’s seat now that he’s gone?

I give the JAG Corps major props. Couple of my law school classmates are doing it. I think it’s a harder job than being a public defender. They were the ones sent to defend the Guantanamo detainees in the kangaroo court, and put their necks out to call foul on the lack of basic due process in place. The ACLU et al would have never been able to pick up the ball on fighting the Guantanamo Star Chambers had it not been for the JAGs being willing to put their careers on the line and adhere to their ethical duties. If it weren’t for that pesky DADT policy, I would have seriously considered applying to be a JAG, in part because of their sweet law school loan repayment program.

So when are we finally gonna get our first mass shooting at a NRA convention?

The inevitable Youtube would be filled with cries of “we can’t comprehend the irony….!!!”

Well, really, I would have thought this would be a source of pride. A lawyer doing his duty by taking a difficult and unpopular case. Of course, if he’d been representing tobacco companies he’d probably have had an easier time.

@Original Andrew:

It would be MAD in both senses of the word and acronym.

@SanFranLefty: Friend of mine from way back, shore restaurant times, he was a bartender, I was a cook, we wound up at the same law school, he was 2 years ahead of me, and Navy JAG.

He wound up going active service and went to Guantanamo to Prosecute. Came back and they made him a judge. Asswipe.

@Promnight: Friend of mine tried to parlay his JAG service in Eye-raq into winning the local DA’s office last year, but his reputation as an overzealous prosecutor with a domestic violence arrest (charges dropped) dogged him. He lost to a low key Hispanic lesbian who brought her two little doggies with her on the campaign. Dude was the bassist in my law school band (did not hear about the DV arrest until much later). The new DA likes me and for some reason thinks I was a huge help to her campaign. She prosecuted the lawyer – lobbyist who killed my cousin.

@redmanlaw: You are in New Mexico, right? Not South Carolina? And who kicked your dog and put a dent in your pick-em-up-truck? (Srsly, sorry about your cousin though.)

ADD: As with Lou, who even knew these guys were still on TV? Who even knew these guys were still on TV?…Who even knew these guys were still on TV?… (Echo chamber pedal employed there — y’all have already seen my distortion box.)

We’ve always considered Wolf Blitzer more a congenial doofus than a pandering faux-populist

With Lou Dobbs leaving for Fox (or wherever) the race is on to become the next right-wing douchebag on CNN. I’m sure this was just Blitzer’s audition tape.

@Pedonator: I’m in New Mexico.

from the Albuquerque Journal (abqjournal.com):

Las Vegas youth found with brass knuckles and pot — which mom said was hers.

An unnamed Las Vegas N.M. youth recently went on a joyride on the West Las Vegas High School football field and track, doing some donuts . . . .

A surveillance camera caught the whole thing, and when police officers went to the youth’s home after getting a tip, they . . . also found a small amount of marijuana and a set of brass knuckles on the youth, but the boy’s mother claimed the drugs were hers, according to police.

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