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Also, Harley riders.We don’t know who Larry Johnson is, but apparently he’s about to break the all-time rushing record for the Kansas City Chiefs. That is, if he doesn’t shoot off his mouth first:

We told you about Johnson’s comments Sunday night, when he took shots at his coach Todd Haley. Johnson compared his father’s football career playing for a legendary youth coach and then briefly playing in the NFL to Haley, who played golf and then “nuthn.”

Not content to rest after that, Johnson then responded to a Twitter follower that reminded Johnson of the incident last year in which Johnson allegedly spit a drink into a woman’s face. L.J. used a three-letter homophobic epithet to get his point across in response.

According to Yahoo! (and some of our commenters), Johnson wrote, “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur [expletive] pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.”

The slam added ammunition to a 31,000-signature fan petition demanding that the apparently unpopular Johnson be benched before he breaks the team record. Johnson quickly took his Twitter feed private, but not before getting in a final dig at critics: “Still richer than u.”

Which reminds of a line we’d like to say our father taught us, except for the fact we just made it up: All the money in the world, and he still can’t buy a clue.

Larry Johnson continues Twitter meltdown [NBC]

Judging by the financial wisdom of many NFL players or Sports in general, Larry is probably going to regret saying he’s richer after he’s blown through his dough.

Week 9, and the Jets have a bye … just as well. At 4-4, they need to regroup.

This, from a sport where the guys wear form-fitting knickers, pat each other on the butt a lot and hold hands before games.

Maybe he’ll shoot himself in the groin like every other football player.

@SanFranLefty: I can’t believe that Plaxico Burress bitched about the sentence he got. That guy is lucky he didn’t shoot his nuts off.

Mama did always say that money couldn’t buy class. And dude? You play for the KC Chiefs. It’s not like you’re headed for the Super Bowl or the Hall of Fame. More likely, you’ll end up driving a bread truck after you’ve blown through your money.

This evening I might root for the Cowboys for the first time in my life. ACK! GAG! BLARRRRGH!

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: No challenges, no time outs left for the Iggles. The wrath of St. Francis is striking down on Vick.

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