Douchebag of the Day

Rep Steve King (R-IA) – making shit up as usual:


Nojo adds:

Page 643:

CONSTRUCTION.—The voluntary advance care planning consultation described in section 1861(hhh) of the Social Security Act, as added by subsection (a), shall be completely optional. Nothing in this section shall—

Page 644:

(3) encourage the promotion of suicide or assisted suicide.

Is Steve King a liar, or just plain stupid?


Yes, I know, this guy probably should be DOTD, but I can’t look at that smug little face right now.

Adding: and then I find this.

Wow… what a complete twat. As a matter of fact, the complete language of that section says: “Nothing in this section shall — …encourage the promotion of suicide or assisted suicide. ”

And the mainstream media, of course, could give a shit. This is the sort of stuff that deserves a media exposé. This and the shouting on the House floor demonstrates the intellectual bankruptcy of the GOP.

Rep. King needs to send a flunky over to Staples to spend a few dollars and finally retire his 30 year old dot matrix printer.


So if one lone nut motivated by religion qualifies as “terrorism”, does that mean that killing an abortion doctor based on religion is terrorism too?

I can’t wait to see Droopy announce an investigation for “inciting terrorism” against O’Reilly and Rushbo.

@blogenfreude: I want a written apology from every citizen of CT who voted for that douchebag. Handwritten.

@al2o3cr: Terrorism, to me, doesn’t include lone nuts. It is people attacking at the direction of others. A lone nut isn’t trying to terrorize you and keep you from living your life normally – he’s settling a score.

I like to think of myself as well-informed, but I had no idea it was this bad when the wall fell. Well worth reading.

@al2o3cr: Actually, that’s what I was thinking through yesterday morning — since we’re more than happy to tar broader movements with the acts of individuals.

The difference, I decided, is whether an act is “political” — whether we can find in the motivation something different than a personal grudge or whatnot, and whether that motivation reflects the violent rhetoric of partisans.

I didn’t go on to call such an event “terrorism,” but I’ll allow it, even in the absence of a formal conspiracy. Folks who create a climate of fear are responsible for the consequences.

@Serolf Divad: Since I downloaded a copy of the bill during yesterday’s marathon open thread, I’ve updated Bloggie’s post with the language and page references.

Steve King nuthin’, Michele Bachmann is openly calling for the overthrow of the US gummit.

Any day now she’ll burst outta the Capitol in a Rhythm Nation uniform and declare herself Queen of the Tea Klux Klan.

Then there’s the various baggers themselves, writing things like ‘health insurance reform is worse than any Al Qaeda attack’, and so forth.

Yeah, I can see how requiring insurance carriers to give people the opportunity to bankrupt themselves by paying their exhorbitant premiums is so much worse.

For those of you who enjoy self-contradictory and totally illogical wingnut ravings, it really doesn’t get any better than this analysis–and I’m using that term generously–on the reasons the Repukelican candidates and issues got stomped big-time in Washington state.

I had to read it twice before I realized it wasn’t a parody; no these peeps are totes serial: The wrong-wingers lost because they weren’t right-wing enough.

Nothing pisses them off more than Washington’s dirty sosheeleest-communeest schemes, like taxes and public schools, which have ruined our economy and caused solid-gold comments like this:

“Vote with your feet!” I already know a number of friends of mine (families) that are in the process of moving to Idaho. There just aren’t enough jobs and the prospects are not good.

@Original Andrew:
OMG, someone from Washington is going to give’em (not really) HEALTHCARE!!!

I’d like to see the stupids fill up places like Idaho, Texas and SC (for example) to live their in the purity of their Contarded essence. I’m sure many would have gone to Somalia if it weren’t filled with, um, Somalians.

@Original Andrew:
I think it’s called sedition and from what I recall (which isn’t much) is that it might be considered light treason.


That’s why I’ve been suggesting for years that they should build condos for Repukelican voters on the Euphrates River. They’d love it there! No gosh darn gummit keepin the little guy down, no pesky environmental laws, labor laws, etc. Fuck healthcare, they only have like two functioning hospitals.

Plus you can shoot anyone you want, provided of course that you don’t get shot first.

I-rak is a wingtard paradise. Just advertise it as super-southeast Texas.

Ok, enough d-bags. Here’s the downright inspiring story about Seattle’s new hawt-daddy-bear socialist mayor-elect, Mike McGinn:

Moments after the first returns were posted in the Seattle mayor’s race, Mike McGinn’s volunteer field director took the stage at the Capitol Hill party.

“It’s still really, really close,” Derek Farmer shouted. “We need everybody that has a phone to help.”

What happened next has become campaign lore among McGinn supporters.

Partygoers set down their beers, accepted scripts, phone sheets and pay-as-you-go cellphones, and The War Room bar became an impromptu phone bank to contact voters who hadn’t yet mailed ballots.

The campaign said it ended up delivering 200 ballots to the post office at midnight — a chunk of votes in a race that has McGinn and his opponent, Joe Mallahan, separated by 2,384 votes. It’s a slim but seemingly insurmountable lead. To catch McGinn, Mallahan would have to take about 54 percent of the remaining votes.

By all accounts, McGinn was the underdog in the race. He was out-fundraised by more than 3-to-1, and he lacked big-name endorsements. He was opposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire, the chairman of the state Democratic Party, and most of the business and labor communities.

What he did have was a fleet of volunteers so devoted they deferred graduate school, borrowed money from their parents and spent hours contacting voters for McGinn.

I’m gonna get teary–srsly. I was a Deaniac back in the day, and this is like a dream come true.

I just wanna hop in McGinn’s lap and have him tell me everything’s gonna be okay. I know I can share that with ya’ll ’cause that’s how we roll.

Random thought — if it weren’t for Stupak/Ladyparts, Nancy couldn’t hold a 258-seat majority together to pass the most important bill to come down the pike this decade. Reportedly, Anh Cao came along only because of Ladyparts. That means that they were two defections away from EPIC FAIL.

That’s fucking scary.

@chicago bureau: Well, there’s your two spares from Tuesday. Never mind that the House bill will never see the Senate floor.

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