Rush Limbaugh’s Wild Kingdom

Yes, we cropped it, you perverts.

As we prepare for tonight’s exciting Open Thread/Bonfire of the Moderates, let’s check in with the message being sent to Republican radical leftists:

John Boehner: “This lady clearly has an agenda that’s different from that of the Republican Party. She was out there to promote herself.”

Newt Gingrich: “I’m very, very let down because she told everybody she was a Republican, and she said she was a loyal Republican.”

Michelle Malkin: “Hey, how did that six-figure RNC donation to the NRCC plus $85,000 to the New York GOP plus nearly half-million-dollar investment in advertising and other independent expenditures on behalf of radical leftist Dede Scozzafava work out? She repaid the GOP by endorsing Democrat candidate Bill Owens. Some gratitude, eh?”

Rush Limbaugh: “We can say that she’s guilty of widespread bestiality. She has screwed every RINO in the country.”

Well, um, okay then. Next time we hear a complaint that “teabagging” is being taken out of context, we’ll bear that in mind.


Yeah cause it’s not like she got fucked over by same said people in the first place.

Dede Scozzafava did what anyone would do if they got fucked over and fucked the fuckers right back at the first opportunity.

Vaffunculo Self Important Motherfucking Wingnuts!

Everyone: keep your fingers crossed on the up-or-down vote in Washington State for all-but-same-marriage and the attempt in Maine to take away gay marriage.

As for me, all I have is a mayoral election tinged with racial overtones due to the possibility that a short white lady might become mayor in a majority African American city. And a few city council elections with a bunch of teh Gheys vying for seats on the S.S. Atlanta Is Screwed council.

being sick on the couch sunday I actually watched (and survived) the Limpbaugh interview.
I cant explain why really. it was sort of like watching a train wreck. I wanted to see just how bad it could be. I was not dissappointed.

The screaming orcs of the GOP drove Dede out – they expected her to drop to her knees in front of the wingnut? Right.

rptrcub: I’ve got family in Maine. And so I know Maine somewhat, and thus butted the hell out of their business.

The Yes on 1 Goons took some stick from using stock-photo, out-of-state material at the beginning of the campaign to stop the marrying of the gheys. This was a Bad Move. The field work’s the thing, but most of it will come down to who comes off as more Downeast. Team No seems to have that down, on this reading.

(But also: this show is not being run by Mormons, but by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland. Whose credibility on positions regarding gheys is somewhat questionable.)

As for Atlanta — well. Part of me doesn’t even want to know what kind of dumbfuckery has gone on down there. Part of me desparately does, however.

@blogenfreude: Just goes to show that the screaming orcs haven’t heard of the phrase “all politics is local”. It makes perfect sense to someone who lives in the district, knows the issues and would like those same people to someday vote for her again to endorse the candidate who lives in the district and knows the issues. Palin, Malkin, Pawlenty and Hoffman don’t live in NY-23 so fuck ’em.

a short white lady might become mayor in a majority African American city

that surprises me a little. I just spent two years working and living in Atlanta before I came here (two years ago now) and I thought they had the whole political thing down pretty well. it would surprise me if what you said happens.

Limbaugh is wrong. Dede is guilty only of brilliant and appropriate necrophilia: fucking a dead party.

if she really wanted to fuck them she would have stayed in the race.

We’re forgetting something about NY-23. Namely: Albany.

When we last checked, Albany was the clusterfuck to end all clusterfucks. Who, of the three candidates, is the only one in the State Legislature? Yep. Dede. (Yes, she’s in the out-party in the Assembly, which gives her the power of a bucket of gravel. And yet: BOO, ALBANY!)

But, hey, a vote for Hoffman is a vote against SOCIALISM so whoopee hurrah &c.

@chicago bureau: Namely it’s the issue of police and fire fighter furloughs combined with tax hikes. People want public safety protection, but they don’t want to pay more in property taxes (I would think a majority Demrat Libtard city would not be subject to this line of thinking). Crime is getting out of hand. People are getting shot while mowing the yard. Kids have been shot in the midst of gunfire.

No one knows exactly how many people are on the city payroll. Permitting for construction takes months. The water department goes without billing people for months and then expects someone to pay $1,000 for an obviously incorrect charge. My garbage sometimes only gets picked up when a city employee feels like it. Fortunately we’re not at Chicago style corruption (the current mayor did clean up the previous mayor’s crap), but to say that things are dysfunctional is putting it mildly.

Still, I’d rather live in town than suffocate under Psychogeezer-voting suburbia.

rptrcub: Oh, honey — property taxes are the third fucking rail here. Not that it means anything — Daley could run against Jesus Christ Himself and eke out a win — but people in power are deathly afraid of raising the mill rate. (Yet: a back-door tax hike, like the 10% assessment increase that Chicagoans just got slapped with, even as property values tank, is perfectly acceptable.)

And so you get the parking meter lease and the Skyway lease and the attempted Midway lease and the proposed water lease. Anything to avoid raising taxes.

(Notable exception: the county sales tax hike by Todd Stroger that just will not die.)

Could somebody revivify Ronald Reagan, so that I may strangle him for turning politicians in this country into complete morons?

@rptrcub: How much longer do you have to stay there?

@chicago bureau: Yep, the middle class here wants first-class police and fire protection but doesn’t want to pay for it. Also water mains that don’t blow up all the time.

@Mistress Cynica: 2011. Getting me out should be OK if the economy recovers, it’s the BF that I’m not so sure about, and his mom’s health (she’s in nearby FL) is not so good.

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