Love Amid the Ruins

It started out as a hearing for the DC gay-marriage bill. It ended with a very immodest proposal.

During D.C. hearing on same-sex marriage, witness interrupts by proposing to his partner [Think Progress]

What is this bullshit about churches losing their tax exemption if they refuse to marry the ghez? They don’t even lose it when they openly advocate for candidates and ballot referenda.

I guess we know why that woman is a professor at Washington and Lee.

You’re worried about losing your tax exemption for refusing to allow a gay couple to hold their wedding reception in your parish hall? How about losing it for actively participating in a political campaign, bitch?

@al2o3cr: Too disorganized to be real brownshirts yet. Or am I wrong?

@al2o3cr: It’s better they come out and shout their sieg heils at full volume so civilization knows what it’s dealing with. There’s only one thing worse than a neonazi and that’s a disingenuous neonazi.

Capt Howdy: No respect. I asked my hairdresser if these hoop earrings of mine looked nice. She said they were ugly. I said, “well, I want a second opinion.” She said, “OK: your face is ugly, too!” No respect, no respect….

(ripped off from Rodney — RIP)

Careful with hoops earrings. They tend to make your ass look fat.

@Mistress Cynica / Jamie Sommers: This shit that the Portland Diocese is running now was pulled in Madison in 2006, where the bishop there required every parish priest to play what amounted to a fifteen-minute political ad, in place of the usual sermon, on the Sunday before the election.

Clearly, the best shot at getting at churches who use their pulpit for overtly political means was with the Mormons after Prop 8. Libs taking on the LDS would have pissed off those who didn’t like libs in the first place, and maybe a few others. Page 13 stuff, really. But: libs taking on the Catholic Church would be political suicide. And so the churches get to speak their mind and hang onto the tax exemption.

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