Douchebag of the Day

Ahhhnold. Instead of signing an utterly routine bill for San Francisco, he has his GOP stooges send this:


Gov. Schwarzenegger to Tom Ammiano & SF: Fuck You [SFist]

stay classy Sponge Bob Square Pecs

“You gnow vat I deed, Maria? I gafe dem a letter vhere eet zayz FACK EEW eff you reed eet raght! I gnow, HEELARIUS, raght?”

I’m not a fan of our Dear Leader, but I will tentatively find this hilarious, as I did Ammiano’s outburst, until I learn how this veto will cause real pain and suffering.

California politics are more interesting than any other state in the union, even Illinois, whereas most politicians in most states are 5-year-olds, California state-level politicians act like they’re 2. That, and there are actually two parties running the show. Georgia’s one-party state is just boring by comparison.

In that vein, our governor can stop praying for fucking rain. We’ve had enough, thank you.

Isn’t the ‘secret’ message actually I fuck you?

@Pedonator: I thought it was kind of witty. Imagine if it had been Clinton responding to Ken Starr.

@rptrcub: Haha. NY, on the other hand, has state senators who defect in the middle of the session, then come back. And I’m beginning to be puzzled why everyone hates Paterson quite as much as they do. I include myself. It’s a mystery.

@Jamie Sommers: Lawsuit of the Day from your land.
@rptrcub: Kahlyfornya takes it to a new level, that’s for sure.

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