He Blinded Me With Scientology

The fun starts about 3:50 in ….



You would think all those powers that Xenu “gave” Scientologists would have disintegrated Bashir.

I wonder if Mr. Davis has actually encountered OTIII; Scilons are warned that if they find out about it, they will die of pneumonia (srsly).

Besides, the space opera bits are probably the *least* bizarre part of that tract; the “DC-8 spaceships” are better, and the “Jesus is just an alien implant, part of R6” is even weirder.

The whole (legal) story revolving around the OT documents is also interesting – some of the briefs attempt to simultaneously assert that various documents are both forgeries and trade secrets.

Forgot to mention the best euphemism in the Scientology lingo: Auditing Process R2-45

@al2o3cr: scientology, ugghhh, ugliness squared.

You’re smoking the stickiest crack in the world if you think I’m going to waste five minutes and fifty-six seconds of my life watching a video on Scientology.

oh go on, not a waste of time, fun to see the huffy thetan…

scientology is no weirder than ANY other religion, and they earn my respect for not wanting to talk about it. i wish all religious people would shut the fuck up.

It’s the Catholic church as run by the C.I.A.


@baked: I kind of want to go there, but I won’t — I’ve come too close to pissing off some of my favorite Stinquers in the past with my militant atheism. But have I told you before that I want to have your babies?

i’m looking for a good man to have my babies! you’re on!
i join you in solemn atheism, though i’ve put “god” back into my vocab recently, unironically, like i did with “groovy.”
but i just pissed off the spelling and grammer nazi’s again.
the stinquers are tolerant of we godless more than we rebellious writers.
which reminds me. my stepmonster is lurking here. (hi barb)
she said a) we are all over her head and b) shouldn’t i find some friends that are not drug addled mentally ill genius’ like myself.
water seeks, and finds, its own level.

@baked: looking for a good man … well, I wouldn’t go that far!


And as marketed by Universal.

I love how he does says everything- everything one possibly could- about Zenu and the Volcano without actually denying that that is what they believe.

I must have been blinded…there is nothing to be seen.

Gawker has more Scientology news – Director Paul Haggis’s resignation letter over the church’s support of Prop. 8.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Right. Here we have the representative of a self-proclaimed religion who not only refuses to discuss said religion’s central ‘theology’ but pulls a hissy fit and flounces off. And I must say I find the flouncing suspect. Only because, when they put one of those mics on you they thread it up your back under whatever you’re wearing and it’s not at all easy just to yank it off. I don’t know. Maybe they do things differently on ABC.

@Pedonator: You don’t put me off with your atheism. But where are you, Jennifer? I search and I search. Good Christian singles are hard to come by.

@baked: Dear God, you told a relative about this place? Brave.

oh my god, no. she stalks me. no boundaries.
thought you would all be interested in that assessment of ALL of you.


But Benedick isn’t NEARLY as drug addled as I am. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of you aren’t as drug addled as I am- and that includes legal prescription drugs as well.

@baked: Seems fair enough. Especially the west coast contingent.

Catt just proved my point.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches:
oh please, i smoke pot all day. and my daily sedating rx’s have to be administered to me one day at a time by ratbastard.
i insist he put a record on, say, medication time! and hand me a little paper cup through the window.

@SanFranLefty: Wait, wait — Haggis was cool with Scientology except for Prop 8? Does that mean he still buys into everything else?

@SanFranLefty: Didn’t Haggis sign the petition supporting Roman the Child Rapist Polanski?


Dear Barb,

Stalking is not cool. I’d expound on that thought were I not hopped up on goof balls and Xanax.

Have a nice straight edge day!


PS Find a hobby.

Whenever I see or hear the word “haggis,” I can’t help thinking (okay, sometimes I say it out loud), “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crrrrap!”

Incidentally, L.Ron Hubbard on Homosexuality:

The sexual pervert (and by this term Dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic II [i.e. sexuality] such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically… he is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also far from normal and extremely dangerous to society…

Such people should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible and uniformly institutionalized; for here is the level of the contagion of immorality, and the destruction of ethics; here is the fodder which secret police organizations use for their filthy operations. One of the most effective measures of security that a nation threatened by war could take would be rounding up and placing in a cantonment, away from society, any individual who might be connected with government, the military, or essential industry; since here are people who, regardless of any record of their family’s loyalty, are potential traitors, the very mode of operation of their insanity being betrayal. In this level is the slime of society, the sex criminals, the political subversives, the people whose apparently rational activities are yet but the devious writhings of secret hate.

So I’m a bit confused at how one could be both a supporter of Gay rights and a Scientologist.

The scientologists have a supposedly rational explanation for the refusal to allow the dissemination of the Xenu story, which is that unless and until you have gone through endless rounds of their “auditing” (brainwashing), and achieved the appropriate state of existence in their theology (thoroughly brainwashed), the Xenu stories will simply sound insane, that you cannot understand them, unless you are ready to, by their standards of readiness (total brainwashing).

My understanding is that they believe that people who achieve their highest level of whatever, I think they are called “level VII Operating Thetans,” or something like that, are able to control other people with their minds. Tom Cruise is said to believe he is one of these OT VII people, and its interesting, whenever anyone gets in his face about scientology, you will see him go into this stern faced pose and stare, very very intently, at the person who is talking to him, and its very obvious the poor simpleton thinks he is working his telepathic mind-control magic on the person.

Poor Tom Cruise, he really is a dullard.

By the way, Bashir is undertaking a very risky business in going after Scientology like this, they do kill their enemies, and failing that, litigate them into poverty.

SFL’s linquey has a comment that says Mr. Huff’n’Puff up there is Anne Archer’s son.

@Promnight: The scientologists have a supposedly rational explanation for the refusal to allow the dissemination of the Xenu story, which is that

…it infringes copyright. You have to pay good money to read it.

@nojo: Thats their legal grounds for going after those who reveal their “trade secrets” and their ‘copywrite” material. But their “religious” explanation for why their doctrine must be secret is that it is so amazing and radical that if you are not properly prepared for it, you would not understand it, or it would drive you insane.

Somewhat of a contradiction, of course, to claim to be a nonprofit “religion,” and then go to court claiming that your religious beleifs are subject to copywrite and trade secret law, these laws being designed to protect your profits from your intellectual property.

They walk a thin line with the fact that they are engaged in the unlicensed practice of medicine, psychology, as well.

What is scary is that under Bush I “privatization,” crony capitalism and political patronage by another name, they have infiltrated the prison system with their counseling and rehabilitation mumbo jumbo, and also have gotten into the drug and alcohol rehab business. They do seek out the weak, stupid, and insane, to take advantage of.

I’m not only obsessed with Mormonism and Hasidim; I also have a thing for Scientology. Interesting interview with L. Ron’s son, published in Penthouse. Yes, sometimes the articles are actually worth reading.

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