And God Said, Let the Earth Bring Forth Combustible Carbon

Jesus loves the little dinos.Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s Douchebag Also-Ran, has had problems keeping up with the SC ratpack lately, even being teabagged at his own event for not being douchebaggy enough. And with today’s feeble attempt, we may have to start calling him Beetlebaum:

“Environmental policy has to be good business policy,” Graham insisted. “What would happen in this country if you build a hundred nuclear power plants in the next thirty years? It would create millions of jobs. And we need to use the coal that God has given us.”

Oh, please. God-given coal? We’re years beyond the Flintstones meme. Didn’t you hear pollution is patriotic? That’s where the action is.

Sen. Graham: ‘We need to use the coal that God has given us’ [Raw Story]

“There will be no climate change bill with my vote unless you have offshore oil drilling,”

off shore, on shore just tell us what you want Huckelberry

which is why I have proposed, time and time again, my offshore oil drilling nuclear reactor clean coal super power stations of freedom

I’d prefer that we use the brains that Mother Nature gave us.

Downer, just more tiresome idiocy from the right, of which there is no shortage.

Speaking of tiresome idiocy: anybody remember this site from earlier this month? Every reference to “October 2009” has mysteriously changed to “Fall 2009”. Still seems like they’ve painted themselves pretty hard into a corner.

Not that that really stops them; note that the “comet will hit the Earth in 2012” assumes a start date of the Tribulation (and thus the Rapture) in November 2008. Apparently moving the goalposts is a favorite pastime.

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