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Back before we sent a team of Zombie Ninjas to render him to our Black Site, Serolf Divad made some noise with a post showing how conservatives made a wee mistake using the Dow as a measure of Obama’s economic policy — the stock market had just clicked above its Inauguration Day level.

That would be 7486, on March 17.

So conservatives moved the goalposts, saying you really have to start from Election Day 2008, when the Dow closed at 9625.

Fine, fine. Today’s close? 10,015.

Dumb Metrics [Patriot’s Quill, March 18]

After Previously Blaming Obama For Slumping Markets, Boehner Now Downplays Surging Dow [Think Progress]


Well. My 401k has climbed up from the drain and is now peering out from over the rim of the toilet bowl.

Revisiting my post, then: if you’d placed $1000.00 in the stock Market when Obama told you to, you’d have $1488.99 today.

:-) Suck it, right-wingers! (-:

@Dodgerblue: Word, for those who have a 401K, this is a real improvement, though for those without jobs, don’t worry, hold on, just a year or two and it’ll be alright, Walmart will be hiring again.

Me, I was riding a real estate escalator, all was right with the world, then, whoa, 30% of that is gone, and whoa, that was all the equity anyway.

So, you sit tight for 5 years, it’ll be all right, as long as you don’t lose your job or get sick. I am incredibly lucky, sure, no grounds for complaint. None. But even as lucky as I am, what has disappeared for me, and what is going to be nonexistent for the next 10 years, is security, the knowledge that we could weather some misfortune, because for the first time in my life I was a little bit ahead, If there were a job loss in my fambly, or an illness, we knew, back before 2007, that we could sell the house, downsize, simplify, and take lower paying jobs and do just fine. It would have been no tragedy to us, because our luck is all recent anyway, we’d just be going back to where we were in 2002. No more, now, anything like that, and its bankruptcy and starting over from nothing. But you know, even thats not so bad, we are all among the most fortunate in the world to live in this economy, even as it appears to be dying.

@Dodgerblue: What’s a 401k, mister? While you’re at it, tell me again about those things some folks in their 60s and older call pensions.

Perhaps we can declare this a holiday. Really, the robber-barons don’t get enough respect and veneration from the MSM so I hereby declare, using the superpowers conferred upon me by my radical left-wing Cheeto-stained pajamas PowerRanger Halloween costume, henceforth, October 14 will be known as Wall Street Day!

But really, Nojo, how can you call that ilk conservative? Please enlighten me, what do they conserve?

And how should one properly celebrate Wall Street Day?

Be creative. Move your fence a foot or two past the boundary line into your neighbor’s yard. Find a homeless person to pee-on. Securitize your debt and hedge against the risk. Bedazzle your Land Rover with an “IGOTMYN” vanity plate and flash those highbeams while you tailgate the hapless Honda Civic that brazenly occupies your right-of-way.

The possibilities are as endless as the market is free!

@Pedonator: But really, Nojo, how can you call that ilk conservative?

Variety. Otherwise it would be fucking assholes day in and out.

@nojo: Otherwise it would be fucking assholes day in and out. AKA “Sport”, right?

@Promnight: I have the odd fortune of having (a) totally slumped my way through a gubmint job for 3+ years, devoting vast quanitities of taxpayer funded office time to reading and writing on blogs, learning how to lose at Scrabulous, and gaming the network firewall so I could finally catch up on my FB during the day. I can honestly say that I never used more than ten percent of my brain or skills, and at the end of the day/week/month I felt drained from the utter lack of fulfillment. Then, just as the economy was tanking and the unemployment rolls were swelling, the unthinkable happened: I got hired by somebody else. More money, but higher total hosuehold expenses so it’s a wash, but not only didn’t I lose a job I was passive-aggressively trying to get fired from, but I failed upward.

This Obama guy is gr8, word.

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