Ever Noticed?


I’m not sayin’…you know… I’m just sayin’.

Serolf Divad notices these things for a living.


Listening to both will also end in economic ruin.

BREAKING HARD: Olympia Snowe says she’ll support Obama’s health care reform. Now if only we could some of the bought-and-paid-for “Blue Dog” Democrats on board.

Quick, somebody get Glenn Beck on the case! Beck and Cramer could get together and have a contest to see who’s blood pressure can get the highest the fastest… :)

@SanFranLefty: Snowe’s supporting the Baucus bill to get it out of committee, says she’s withholding judgment on future developments.

So yes, good for her to nudge it along (especially in the face of party leaders), but don’t get too excited.

@nojo: Just think of everything that passes the Congress as “The Corporate US America/Special Interest Luv Bill of 2___”.

Andrea Mitchell: “And with apologies to Jon Stewart, we’ve got to leave it there.”

If you watched the Daily Show last night: The goatfuckers took notice.

I can’t imagine why. You’d think that CNN was a bunch of douchey half wits or something.


The international spy museum has this great tchotchke in the gift shop called “draw your own commie” which is a bald head around which you organize iron filings to shape Marx, Lenin or….Cramer!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: There is a wine called “Reds,” a california blend, and each cork has a portrait of a commie on it, Marx, Lenin, Groucho.

Serolf, you overlooked V.I.’s twin sons Mitch Miller and Skitch Henderson. That Lenin family must have been very musical.

@Dave H: Does anyone know why Skitch Henderson got the ax so quickly from the Tonight Show?

@FlyingChainSaw: If my 1972 Tonight Show history paperback wasn’t buried in a box somewhere, I could probably tell you.

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