Save the Children


It’s not enough that teabaggers are threatening politicians and government employees — now they’re going after kids:

About 60 people converged Monday morning on a Burlington Township elementary school that drew controversy — and nationwide attention — for a video posted on YouTube of its students singing songs praising President Barack Obama.

The protesters stood across from Bernice B. Young Elementary School, holding placards and chanting “Shame on you.” The Obama song was first staged “in recognition of Black History Month” during an eight-skit program on Feb. 27.

The school district “does not believe that protesting in front of an elementary school in session with four to seven year old children is appropriate,” according to a statement. We thought there was a rule about perverts, criminals and douchebags maintaining their distance.

Protesters gather outside Burlco school that sang Obama praises [South Jersey Courier-Post]

Beck-backing protesters raise ruckus outside much-publicized elementary school [Raw Story]


The FBI should totally go in there and do a sweep. They’d probably bag their kid-toucher quota for the year.

oh em gee. Janet Napolitano was on the View this morning wearing a shiny light blue jacket, lime green blouse and black pants. She did okay but had some trouble answering a question about the right wing terrorists report. (Still? Really, Janet?) And tonight she’s going to match wits with Jon Stewart. This is probably not going to go well.

Lawdy, lawdy that sure is one white lookin’ crowd. Good thing they came to save the poor children. snark btw

I like the sign that says “we are here for the children”

I can imagine the back saying “give them to us and no one will get hurt”

This is one case where grammar school teachers would be excused for teaching kids to shit in their own hands and fling their feces in righteous fury, then regale the crowd with a ribald, sing-songy chorus about how much they want to have the president’s babies so they can raise Islamofascists to kill all the white people and protect the caliphate from infidels.

Isn’t this crowd the same one that thinks that parents should be able to decide what their kids are exposed to in school? Given that the article indicates that the entire content of what the ‘baggers are so excited about was sent home and pre-approved, where do they get off telling other parents how to raise children?

Yeah, I know, IOKIYAR. But you’d think that a bunch of people who like the Bible so much would a least have *some* memory of the whole “beam in your own eye” routine…

@al2o3cr: Don’t expect much in the way of continuity or integrity in anything much less a celebration of hate and death like the fucking bible from these assholes. It’s all code for Obama must fucking die and Democrats must hand over the government to the fascist fucking scum GOP so they can finish looting the country into oblivion and complete its transformation into a twisted, theocratic dystopia in which education ends at grade 2 and women are chained to bumpers of SUVs at the age of 12 and forced to breed dozens of kids with their fathers until death so the progeny can be slaughtered in oil wars, hahahahahahaha in the name of fucking jesus. hahahahahahahaha.

I feel bad for the kids. They are going to grow up in a completely fucked up world where they are taught not respect for the office of the president, but scorn.

An entire generation is being taught that government not only can’t help you but will instead kill you if it can, and the only rule is survival. I’m not sure I would have found that terribly comforting as a child.

I would suggest they study the actual words in the pledge of allegiance they are so fond of.

TJ, and a serious question; what percentage of people do you suppose buy lottery tickets and never check them?

You see, 2 or 3 times a month, when the powerball is over $100 million, I will buy a lottery ticket. But I never check the numbers, because I know that if I won, it would be in the headlines, “winning ticket sold in Prom’s town.” I check the headlines, and if thats not there, I generally never check the numbers. Do you suppose a lot of people do that?

These people, they were doing this 20 miles from where I work, I wanted to go throw stones at them, but I have this thing called a job that I need to keep.

Their problem is that their heads asploded, back in November of ’08, the year of the great head asplodin’ that freed them from the bonds of rationality, and its all that Nigra’s fault for getting elected, he’s the uppity one, isn’t he?

@Promnight: This is the era of things asplode apart. This weekend the Nabiscos assembled in my temporary work town (“ONC”), and one of many sights we took in was the totally commersh but still pretty cool Spy museum. As we were standing in line, I heard an adult woman “explain” to her teenage child “you know, more people died in the Russian revolution than Hitler killed. And they want socialism here in America? I don’t think so..“. I about asploded her out the door with the glare I gave her.

And in Sport, it will be the JNOVs v. the DodgerBlues. Sorry JNOV, but I’ve got to cheer on the California team.

@karen marie: They are going to grow up in a completely fucked up world where they are taught not respect for the office of the president, but scorn.

Nixon gave me a running start.

@nojo: And I had Saint Ronnie to practice on.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Alright, here is why I asked the lottery question. I don’t check the numbers. Its not a serious thing for me, I throw them out if I know the winner was not local.

But here is the shit, the little newstand where I buy these tickets, they had a sign up today, back in August, they sold a $250,000 powerball winner that noone has claimed.

Just two weeks ago, I went through a mess of old debit card receipts and shit, and I threw away about 20 powerball tickets I bought at that store.


@SanFranLefty: Those Rocket J Squirrel games v. JNOVs in Denver were heartbreakers. To be so close – tied, behind, not catching up in the bottom of the 9th – twice. At home. And with the absolute shit start of their season, gradually getting better and people realizing over the summer that the Rox were actually doing ok. Sucks, and I’m not even a CR fan, but I might become one although the Giants are actually my hometown team. (You guys knew that, right? BIA relocation program, get NDNs off the rez, parents meet there, etc . . . )

@al2o3cr: And has any one of those fucking yahoos ever shown up to a PTA or school board meeting for anything except school prayer or to protest the teaching of evolution? As a former PTA president, I say fuck ’em.

@Promnight: While that was my former approach, I now read the news the following day. Mrs RML’s paper helpfully puts it in the AP roundup. I used to check the numbers on, but that was just a huge waste of time. Go to the gas station get the dude to check it with the bar code reader and don’t homes keep it. People were doing that here and pocketing people’s winnings after telling them the didn’t have a winner.

@SanFranLefty: I can make you one of my custom B-27s . . .

There is something wrong, and I cannot put my finger on it.

The economy. There are signs that the drastic declines are slowing, and that the “recession” is “over” though employment (translate that as “the situation of the common workingn person”) will not improve and will continue to get worse, and will not improve for 2 more years.

If this were the only major problem we faced, we might be able to figure this out, but;

We have wars still going on, stupid wars, started by the last administration, but stopping a war is so much harder than starting one. Ending illegal programs of detention and torture is harder than starting them, there are valid reasons for this, despite the the progressive’s shouting that it can be done with the stroke of a pen, it can’t.

If this were the only problem on our plate, I think we would see it solved pretty quickly, but its not.

Iran, its hard to tell if their nuclear program is as bad as presented or not, one doubts the domestic opinionating on the topic, its dominated by neocon propaganda, but there also seems to be international concern, so what to do?

If this were the only problem on our plate, I think it would be resolved, but no, its not.

And then, over all this, we have a social breakdown of the coherence of our national identity. The republican party, Fox news, its wholly-owned subsidiary, and to only a slightly lesser extent, the mainstream media, all are encouraging and giving credence to a societal divide, a pernicious breakdown in our national identity, giving encouragement to a minority of radical pigfucking insane anti-american, seccesionist, racist fucktards who are going simply batshit crazy because we have elected a liberal, and a black, president, even though he ain’t that liberal.

And thats fucked, and its not just an annoyance or a minor political problem, we have a batshit insane segment of our society who believe our president is a muslim foreigner socialist nazi and they want to see him dead, plain and simple.

Put it plainly, we have a dysfunctional society, a nation that is losing its bond of solidarity as one people and dividing, deeply, along ideological lines, stoked by a hate media culture and religious insanity. It is so bad that the idea of one nation united is no longer valid, these people believe that they and they alone have the right to claim “americanness,” that they and they alone have the right to rule, they are intent on seizing this nation and imposing their beleifs on the nation, and they would, literally, truly, condemn all of us who disagree to gulags.

Now that one makes solving all the other problems, well, nearly impossible.

This is just so fucked.

I am so hopeless right now.

@Promnight: What the fuck ever happened to “E pluribus unum”?

@Promnight: we have a dysfunctional society, a nation that is losing its bond of solidarity as one people and dividing, deeply, along ideological lines, stoked by a hate media culture and religious insanity

Did you spend the 80s in a coma?

You and I, we’ve watched this develop our entire adult lives. There’s no reason to be especially depressed about it now. America’s slow-motion trainwreck is a defining and enduring feature of our historical moment.

It’s like what a friend of mine once said about Three Mile Island: All you could do was grab some popcorn, head for the roof, and enjoy the show.

Lest we forget: the paste-eating kid that hasn’t showered in two weeks and blows spit bubbles in her spare time? She had a leg-up on those who cashiered their day off / vacation day to protest a bunch of kids. MOVING UP!

@Promnight: Pal, it’s the same as it ever was, except now the “radical pigfucking insane anti-american, seccesionist, racist fucktards” don’t have jobs that can keep them housed and busy with a boat on the lake. The economy will collapse to 25% of what it was 30 years ago and you will see large, ultraviolent tribes of semi-nomadic neonazi tribes take over vast tracks of the midwest, looting, pillaging and evading occasional Predator attacks, until the Chinese call in the notes and bankrupt, finally, what is left of the Union. The Mexicans and Canadians will be arming at the border to stop the mass migration of refugees, joined by UN Extermination Corps after a resolution finds that the US population is ‘criminally insane beyond any hope for remediation.’ The few survivors of the UN’s cleansing campaign will be hunted down, stuffed and placed in European museum exhibits sitting in Hummers, in mirrored shades, huge teeth clenched diabolically and a pistol aimed straight out at a 90 degree angle from the door, the other hand cripping the steering wheel with a cigarette wedged between foreginger and middle finger. The exhibit plaque will read, “American: psychopathic homo sapien, given to insatiable murderous rage and hunger for death and toys.”


Strap a 30 year, no-doc, interest-only, subprime mortgage to the hood, and the hellish diorama will be complete.

@Original Andrew: Nice, but let’s put some nasty spin on that with a nice juicy negative amortization mortgage with big fat early discharge penalties.

Wolverines? Or is it “Here is the Ayatollah of Rock’n Rolla!”?

you said you were blogging someplace this week?
I forgot where

@SanFranLefty: Bring on the JNOVs. I feared the Cards more. Ryan Howard is good, but Pujols is a monster. Plus the Cards had better pitching, except for the last 3 games when it really mattered.

@Capt Howdy: I have a guest post coming up on, date TBA.

@Dodgerblue: I’ve studiously avoided el beis since the Bucs last were above .500, so yeah, April. I go out of my way to root against Philly in all things Sport (except basketball), and will throw all my weight behind the LAers, but, um, it’s gonna be either close, or a Philly blowout. Remember, one cheesesteak is never enough…

@DB, The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I ‘m for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles in this one because (a) the West id the Best and (b) to avoid further destruction of JNOV City.

NFL is already juggling the November 1 schedule to accommodate a possible WS game hosted by Philly.

Breaking Sport: U2 Moves the Cowboys in Mysterious Ways

Cowboys raise giant video screen for U2 concert

07:10 AM CDT on Tuesday, October 13, 2009


ARLINGTON — The Dallas Cowboys refused to raise their huge HD video board after a punter kicked a ball into it, but the team lifted the screen more than two stories for U2’s performance at the stadium Monday night.

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