Jeb Bush Catches America In Flagrante Delicto

Little Bro Jeb kindly requests that we stop picking on his older sibling:

I was on the plane coming up to Washington yesterday, and I heard someone complaining that their child’s acne was because of George Bush. Of course, last week the Olympics didn’t come to Chicago — that was my brother’s fault. And at some point, people are going to have to put on their big-boy pants and assume responsibility for the great challenges and opportunities our country has.

That has to be embarrassing when your runt egghead brother rushes to your defense. Especially the one whom Father always loved more.

Jeb Bush: The Country Needs To Put On Its ‘Big-Boy Pants’ And Leave My Brother Alone [Think Progress]


that’s the funniest damn thing I’ve heard all week!

TJ/ Oh, hey! Thanks for the Tweet! Yeah, I eventually passed out on those folks in AZ.

I don’t want to think about Republicans and “big-boy” pants. Sounds like something Mark Foley would have been emailing…

@JNOV: Oh, wait — that’s a tag line! Huzzah! Soooo much better.

TJJ/Um, anyone else feel kind of weird about bombing the moon? Just doesn’t seem right.

@Dodgerblue: It seems just so, so wrong. I mean, can’t we collect data in a less-invasive, less-destructive way? I dunno. I’m not happy about this. I love the moon.

@JNOV: They takin’ out a alien base with a kinetic energy weapon. If we don’t fight them there, we’ll have to fight them here.

@JNOV: I’m still astonished in a very childlike way when the full moon rises over the horizon, looking huge.

@redmanlaw: @Dodgerblue: Three cheers for The Bush Doctrine! Fuckers! Leave the moon alone. I wasn’t nearly this upset when Pluto lost its planet status.

@Dodgerblue: Yes. And it’s orange like the sun but won’t burn out your retinas. A perfect, safe reflection.

TJ/ Can someone please put a bug in Ken Burns’ ear about the haircut?

@JNOV: aka “sent down to the minors”

So the JNOVs got Rockies the Squirreled today. Will the Dodgerblues smite the Cards?

@redmanlaw: Today I must’ve run into a half dozen people wearing Phillies gear in my brief foray into the real world for food and nicotine. I hate this place.

Jeb, you piece of shit, all America waits for the day to hear the air rush out of W as he is impaled on the mall and left to die in the sun. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Why don’t you go loot another sorry fucking bank.


I read somewhere that Europe and China already did a test of this type…

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: We’re going to blow that thing up one day and wonder why our tides are all kafackta.

@JNOV: Now now, this is science, the scientists, and trust me, they are children, they truly are, they just want to KNOW stuff, to figure stuff out, they have this theory that there is water trapped in a kind of permafrost in the soil of the moon, so they are gonna crash a rocket, and have their spectrometers look at the explosion and see if there is eater vapor in it. Why do they need to know? Honestly, its like asking why they climb mount everest, they seek knowledge without regard to practicality, or profit, and that is noble.

Sure, they might have gotten the funding to do their experiment becuase the USA needs to show the world we still got it, but hey, so what.

I just wish I had a telescope big enough to see it, they say you need maybe a 10 inch to see it, my biggest is 4 inches. How cool, to see something happening on the moon, that would be neat.

@FlyingChainSaw: Now now, FCS, its Neil who used to loot banks, now he just uses family connections to sell useless “educational software” to schools. Jeb, he loots public employee pension funds. The Jebster pretty much sticks to using his evil family connections and political positions to throw patronage to cronies in the form of public contracts. Oh, and to keep his criminal offspring out of jail for their various episodes of ex-girlfriend harrassment (P), public underage pestorking, and drug addiction, oh, and his wife’s avoidance of import duties.

@Promnight: I think we could send some dude to the moon with a jackhammer and get the same information.

@JNOV: The aliens told US America to stay away and leave them be up there. They kilt all the Nazis who built bases up there in the 40s.

@Promnight: Our very own rptrcub is getting to watch it through a big telescope, hopefully he’ll liveblog it for us
@al2o3cr: COTD, my dear. I just wish you had a catchier and easier to remember handle.

@Promnight: Please, I could recite the Silverado case by heart. Jeb helped to bust out Sunrise Savings in S. Fl. to the tune of almost $5 million around 1985. The building he and his co-racketeers developed was later appraised for well less than a million and the FDIC paid off the rest when Sunrise was de-chartered and its assets vested to the receiving bank. The psychopath Neil is a whole other monster but you seem to have a grip on his story.

my fave al franken/ bush moment.

al found himself sitting near barb on a flight to deecee. after some false flattery to suck her in, he lobbed a few hardballs at her, as she became visably unglued, she glared and through clenched fangs told al, “i’m proud of ALL my children!”

al: even NEIL??????

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