Senator, Have You No Shame?

Cornyn – what a schmuck:

I had to add this teabagger photo:



@blogenfreude: Dayam. Well, I’m setting a personal goal of meeting this Yunji De Nies and learning more about her journalism background. It just seems right…

@blogenfreude: I looked into that a couple days back, and it was wayyyyy too complicated to touch. Breitbart gets the kill, if anyone’s keeping score. (And you know they are.)

@blogenfreude: For the blissfully unaware: the pitch was “NEA politicizes arts grants.” But the substantiation was a sprawling conference-call transcript, and the presentation was not unlike WND’s “research” into Ayers ghostwriting Obama. Decided I’d wait for somebody else to boil down that story before dealing with it.

It may very well have been a fair cop. At the very least, an NEA mouthpiece ain’t worth hitting the mats over.

@nojo: They’re going to have to draw the line though – can’t let them chew up an entire administration.

@blogenfreude: But you do get this conventional shaking-out with any new administration, and this guy’s not unlike the dude who scheduled the Statue photo-op. Even Van Jones was a bit player who didn’t get taken down until they found his name on a truther petition. (Not one of Howard Dean’s best moments: “We all sign petitions we haven’t read…”)

It’s all about appearances, and a professional mouthpiece should know that. Although it’s true: Nobody expects the Wingnut Inquisition.

@nojo: Beck and others have sworn they’ll keep going. The truth will mean nothing.

Keef: “Howard Johnson is right!”

Yes, I’m always a sucker for a Blazing Saddles reference.

Funny that the same gang that felt the NEA shouldn’t support “bad” art has a huge problem with it now. Why are we even listening to them on this issue – most of their members wanted to shut the whole thing down a decade ago.

Also note this, about the Bushies and the NEA:

But I guess it’s OK if you’re politicizing the process by hating teh gheys.

This is ridiculous. I hope Sargent resigned because he had better things to do, because there will be no one left in the administration if everyone resigns when a wingnut complains.

I can’t bring myself to watch the video. I’m drinking instead.

If anyone misses it, the (computer-designed) sign is a gag from the Massachusetts Youth Activist Group for [Marriage] Equality. Good folks, from what I can gather.

@nojo: Too artfully complex to have an impact on any but the converted. One important contribution the wingnuts have brought to the table is how to add teh crazy to protest signage. Not a good contribution mind you, but an important one. All those semester hours working out kewl new slogans in simple syntax for Ed Meese’s appearance in 1981 flew right out the window after 9.12.

The Republicans used the destruction of the NEA as a test run for the destruction of the economy as a whole. They did good. I don’t know who this guy is but the new head is Rocco Landesman. He was one of the original Dodgers. They are the single most effective producing team to hit Broadway in maybe 50 years. He could do good. The monkey installed by Bush spent all the money on 5th rate productions of Shakespeare to tour military installations.

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