Yes, it’s that time again.

Talk_Like_a_Pirate_DayAnd did you know what day it was yesterday?


TJ: anybody else see this?

While I’m no fan of smoking myself, it seems idiotic to try to prohibit it outside while the fish in most freshwater streams (here in OH, anyway) aren’t edible due to high mercury – from COAL plants. Maybe the outdoor-air-quality folks could deal with that and come back for the smokers…

@al2o3cr: The smoking ban killed off my favorite neighborhood restaurant, and now this nannying nonsense. I don’t smoke either, but I don’t persecute those who do.

@blogenfreude: When Eugene instituted its indoor-smoking ban, all the interesting people starting hanging outside. Which was fine, even amid the rain and overcast gloom. I like fresh air with my toxins.


The antismoking strategy would also include pressing for higher local, state and federal taxes on tobacco.

Folks, you’ve already made your point there, no need to pile on. And don’t bother me with arguments about how much my dirty habit costs you, or I’ll be compelled to make an extensive Lifestyle Analysis on your socially expensive ways.

For example, did you know SoCal has a severe water shortage? Do you know why? Lawns. Criminalize that, bourgeois motherfuckers.

Yaaaarrrrgh, I have to agree with the above. I’m no fan of smoking (although drunk enough I’ve been known to suck back on a cig or cigar) but outside?

Why not ban farting? Methane’s pretty bad for the environment.

Such a thing as going too far. A born again non-smoker is almost as bad as a born again Fundie.

@nojo: It was a great red-sauce Italian joint – when I worked late I’d call them and they’d have my dinner on the bar by the time I walked in. Lots of fun people, and I met and chatted with Ric Burns there. Smoking ban killed it, Argentine beef place that replaced it was overpriced and awful, then it became a fucking Duane Reade. Recently, the building was torn down to make way for more condos that will sit on the market.

Suck it up. Face it. Smoking is gross and will kill you. But worse, your smoking will kill me. When I quit I was up to 3 packs a day. So I know whereof I speak. I brought a Welsh dresser of my mother’s up to the house when she died – she was inordinately proud of it – and when the day is damp it reeks of fags.

Which reminds me: one of my favorite books is Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition. Damn you Straights for co-opting my heritage! The Caribbean as the new Greece. Homos everywhere! Lovers going down with the ship together rather than be parted. Like the Sacred Band! I said ‘going down with’ not ‘going down on’. God! You people are so trashy!

On a break here. Seem to be the only one posting. Whatever.

@Benedick says Keep on Fucking that Chicken: I’ve been in the Canadian woods for a week, where chickens dare not roam. Did I miss something that led to your new moniker?

@Mistress Cynica: Awesome. I wonder how much he’d had to drink before going on set.

@Dodgerblue: The OH reckons he thought he was saying “Keep on plucking that chicken. Meaning “You have the easiest job in the world, you asshole.” Only he didn’t. Seems he has a history of ‘mis-speaking’, according to Jon Stewart.

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