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michele-bachmann-victory-dc-expires_thumbMichele Bachmann:

“President Obama said we can’t eat as much food as we want and think the rest of the world will be okay about that — as if that matters to freedom-loving Americans,” said Bachmann. “Well, we just heard last week that the Federal Government now under the Obama administration is calling for a re-ordering of America’s food supply. What’s that going to mean? Now will the White House decide how many calories we consume, or what types of food we consume?”

That is weapons-grade stupid.  Video after the jump.

Bachmann: Will Obama Make Us Eat Less [TPM]

UPDATE: I gave today’s award to Ms. Bachmann before I saw this – big mistake:


If only he could make some of us talk less.

I used to be amused. Now I’m just disgusted.

Obama called me last night and asked if I was eating all the white babies I am supposed to. I belched and said yes and then we sang the Internationale together and shouted Allah Akbar and laughed ourselves sick.

Ah, yes. The Great Swine Flu Conspiracy.

But let’s look at the bright side: Fewer wingnuts!


My thought as well – I’m all for anything that encourages wingnuts to avoid life-saving medical treatment. As the hunters would say, “thin their numbers”.

Although I don’t think the second wingnut has a chance at snatching the award – the “population control/mark of the beast/FEMA camp” stuff has been going on since at least the Clinton administration, if not earlier. Oddly enough, they’re always certain that “it’s just about to happen”, despite being wrong every year for a decade and a half.

Further, Bachmann’s got one other factor over this guy: she’s an elected representative with access to the media. He’s just a right-wing crank that wanders around speaking at VFWs and probably has his own shortwave call-in show. Bachmann is unique for bringing the insane conspiracy theories to a high level – the theories are pretty much well-known.

And if you thought the vaccine bracelet guy was crazy, check out one from the comments on that video:

AIDS is OVER !!!
you with SILICON and ANABENSOL in your FOOD to give you fake HIV !!!

I don’t recommend visiting that site unless you have an exceptionally high tolerance for beyond-weapons-grade stupid. My favorite part was the warning AGAINST doing drugs; I’d have assumed that anybody that could write like that was already on something. But they do think smoking cigarettes is healthy…

This is good:

Long before the tea parties or Wilson’s outburst, Boehner and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) had struggled to moderate the rhetorical excesses of House conservatives hammering away on Obama’s birth certificate, decrying the creation of “death panels” and ferreting out signs of creeping socialism.

Sources say they have been especially wary of the possible damage inflicted on the party’s reputation by bomb-throwing Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who last fall called for an investigation into whether members of Congress are “pro-America or anti-America.”

i just flew out of ben gurion, to heathrow, and on to turks and caicos.
there really is panic over this. we had to fill out mandatory medical *uestionaires (we lied shamelessly), and instead of large gorilla women carting me off to feel me up for explosives, large gorilla women looked down our throats and into our eyes with flashlights.
the best *uestion was: “have you been in contact with pigs in the past 2 years?” you KNOW what i made ratbastard answer!!!

git yer shot or git on the bus. thats the typa shit Im into.
and while yer at it use some hand sanitizer ya fuckin rube.

@baked: There are two confirmed cases of swine flu/H1N1 back at the ancestral home. A woman from Los Alamos died of it this week, the third fatality of the 2009 pandemic here.

@al2o3cr: I passed on a book yesterday,
“Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids” by Jim Marrs, that sounded way too awesome (for entertainment purposes only.) I would have gotten it from the library, but not paid money for it. I got Mrs RML some Beatles remasters instead.

“Oddly enough, they’re always certain that “it’s just about to happen”, despite being wrong every year for a decade and a half.”

I would say wrong every year for two millennia

I hereby nominate “weapons-grade stupid” as the Stinque Word of 2009.

@rptrcub: I’d read a road test where they described the “weapons-grade espresso” in Italy, and I improvised.

again the comments are great:

“She’s still alive?”


Had to verify that Jim Marrs wasn’t the same guy as Texe Marrs – he’s not, which was a shock. Who’d have figured two guys with the same odd last name, both from Texas, would both be completely insane?

Along those lines, Texe Marrs is truly one of the record holders in the “weapons-grade stupid” category; as the Wikipedia page points out, he thinks John Hagee (McCain’s super-apocalyptic preacher) is a tool of the devil. He’s so conservative that even other far-right people are the enemy.

Of course, he’s only one piece of the truly bizarre fusion of right-wing conspiracy theory and Christian eschatology that’s floating around on the Intertubes; check out Cutting Edge Ministries for a fine example of more of this. They are so far out there that they’re effectively non-partisan; they thought Bush was working for the devil, and feel the same way about Obama.

@ManchuCandidate: Makes sense. After all, Hanoi Jane and her workout tapes are totes communist.

@al2o3cr: That seems to be a German site. At least, it’s a German phone number. Which I find to be oddly comforting. It’s easy to get the idea that all the stupid is happening here.

@baked: They closed all the theatres in Argentina because of Swine Flu. Bastards.

Oh, and the swine that ratbastard had been associating with, did you make him name her?

somehow that link led me to this site:

if by chance there is just not enough crazy in your world I urge you to visit this site. I have been on this site for hours now learning how aids is really caused by silicon dust and also how to make gold (thats right MAKE gold) and all about how JOSEPHINE BAKER was some kind of magician who knew all of this.

it is absolutely my favorite new web site.

who knew who STUNNY PHAROUK was?

I couldn’t get beyond sixty seconds of the Okie rube, and didn’t even bother with Bachman’s Wingnut Overdrive. I worked closely on the swine flu business, and before that on avian flu, and as RML illustrated, the H1N1 is very real. Not terribly deadly, in fact less so than the annual seasonal flu, but that is always qualified with a “so far”.

I can’t believe OK is “mandating” flu shots; in fact, I srsly doubt it but am too lazy to look it up. I’m on ‘vacation’ these days, I don’t need it. But there isn’t enough of the vaccine in production right now for every state to get enough for all of its citizens anyway. Sheesh. In fact, as of right now, there isn’t enough of the seasonal vaccine, which any health professional would recommend you get before you run out and get a H1N1 shot.
@baked: Who ever asked that about contact with pigs was an idiot. That’s not how it is transmitted. Junior and his buddies all had their temperatures taken this summer before they started a weeklong campout, nobody said it but that is what they were checking for.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Question for you. I was going to wait until the H1N1 vaccine was out and then get it AND the seasonal flu vaccine at the same time. Are you saying it’s better to do them separately?

@SanFranLefty: Get seasonal as soon as it’s available. That’s what you’re more likely to come in contact with, and you don’t want to wait until they’re running low. I urge everyone to get vaccinated, as I am allergic, and so depend on others being vaccinated to protect myself.

People like this are why I don’t leave my house…

@SanFranLefty: What she said. One good reason is that if you are unable to get the H1N1 vaccine or it proves unstable (or, FSM forbid, dangerous), docs would more likely triage you as an H1N1 for Tamiflu if you come down with flu (remember, GI distress, bronchial crap and fever are the hallmarks of this bug, usually we don’t get all of them together).

That being said, I just “transitioned” myself out of free state-sponsored seasonal flu vaccines with my job change, and dunno if I’ll get anything with los federales. Plus, I’ve gotten sick every year that I did get the flu shot!

@Mistress Cynica: Is it an egg alergy? For some reason I’m thinking they didn’t culture this vaccine in eggs, but I may be mistaken. Yep, mistaken.

@JNOVjr: Bienvenidos and happy birthday!! Did mom say you’re old enough to be a Stinquer?

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking around. I just saw this post on my mother’s homepage (, go figure) and thought it looked interesting…

@SanFranLefty: As far as she’s concerned, I’m still eight, so… no…
@nojo: Porn? Where?
@JNOV: I’m sorry, do I know you?

@JNOVjr: Uh huh. May your avatar be a fucking snowflake 4evah!

@SanFranLefty: Oh right. Forgot to thank you for the “Happy birthday.” Though I find myself wondering why on Earth you knew to wish me one in the first place…

@JNOVjr: Take one guess who was complaining about feeling old?

This is surreal.

ADD: It’s almost as strange as being FB friends with some of his friends. Add this to the O’Reilly factor, and I’m feeling a little out of sorts right now.

@SanFranLefty: I am unsurprised
@JNOV: I found that process convoluted and unnecessary

@JNOVjr: Talk to Nojo about your gravatar woes, young snowflake. And I’m really, really sorry I walked you through the process.

@JNOV: @JNOVjr: Cut that out or I’m turning this car right around.

@JNOV: Yeah, yeah, I know how you old people do; always wanting everything to be as hard for us as it was for you.

@JNOV: Derp, missed that one… Next time, just tell Dave I was kidnapped or something :|

@JNOVjr: Hear the one about how we used to have to stick these things called “floppy discs” into a “disc drive” in order to use software. Man, those were the days!

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Haha, reminds me of how my Spanish teacher used to show us Destinos using a Laserdisk player…

@JNOV: You know as well as I do I’m busy with Fringe :P

@JNOVjr: Dude. Read it later. You’ll like it, and you’ll understand why Dave wouldn’t believe me.

@JNOVjr: My brother watched Destinos in high school Spanish class, and the teacher, who apparently had a thing for Raquel, would say things like, “She doesn’t drool in her sleep. Have you ever noticed that?”

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!:
all the *uestions were idiotic (see: lied shamelessly) and no, Benidick, he didn’t name the swine, and ONLY because i didn’t feel like getting hung up even longer at immigration, but it was great fodder for tormenting him.

@Mistress Cynica:
i will get a flu shot, just for you darlin.

thanks for the link to change my avatar…they hate me more than i imagined…a project for another day….i looked at houses today carrying around an urn of my puppy’s ashes. the good news, i think i found one, the bad news is the realtor is afeared of me, she has never shown houses to anyone carrying their dead dog around and bursting into tears every 10 minutes.

hey handsome! its me, the one you hear cackling on JNOV’s skype.

@baked: You need to pick the house that is most conducive to the best shrine and altar to the pupster’s ashes. View of the sun rising or setting over the ocean? The old house isn’t available any more?

I think you need to get out to New Mexico post-haste so that RML and I can show you where to get the coolest altars, St. Francis shrines, and Virgin of Guadalupe retalbos to protect the urn.

@baked: Hiya. Forgive me, but I don’t quite remember…I try my best to ignore those conversations…

would i ever love to do just that with you and reds… day……

the old house is available, and i loved it for the smack on the Best Beach location, and *uirky charm, but i found one i like better today on an elevation and the baby would have a grave with 360 views of water, and sunlight from sunrise to set. i’m in love with this house, so of course i won’t get it. how the week is going. and why are so many dropping like flies this week?

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