Douchebag of the Day

Kent Conrad:

[ Crooks & Liars Flash video not available. ]

That little weasel face really pisses me off.


It’s the kind of face that would look so much better with an aluminum softball bat buried in it.

When did Republicans get behind a tax on expensive insurance plans? It it fucking OPPOSITE day over there?

And further, what does the plan have that Republicans didn’t want? Somebody needs to remind some of the spineless Blue Dogs that “compromise” does not mean “take it in the ass and like it”.

@al2o3cr: Someone needs to remind the spineless Blue Dogs that they don’t have a hope in hell of holding onto their seats without the help of the DNC, which will not be forthcoming if they don’t support their president.

@Mistress Cynica: Are you kidding? You’re thinking of the GOP under Bush.

The DNC exists to support people like Lieberman and Specter over actual Democrats.

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