One in Five New Jersey Voters Have Difficulty Reaching Their Mouths With Their Spoons

Pudding for everyone!

And that’s just the overall count. Among self-identified New Jersey “conservatives,” 35 percent are either certain or unsure.

One in Three New Jersey Conservatives Thinks Obama Might Be the Anti-Christ [Washington Independent]

Exactly what does it take to get somebody involuntarily committed in NJ? Because 14% of the conservatives in NJ have pretty much crossed over into “barking mad” territory.

I read it to my Jersey pal here at work, and he just shook his head.

TJ: Beck and Malkin may have inspired another act of violence. The body of a 51 year old census employee and substitute high school teacher was discovered Sunday in rural Clay County KY.

Bill Sparkman

No details have been released. This is ominous.

@Dave H: Why would be be a target? Because of Bachmann’s raving?

@FlyingChainSaw: I don’t know but there is a lot of concern. Anti-government fever finds an easy outlet on a lone census enumerator and we’ll be putting over a million people in the field next spring.

The Director sent an e-mail to all employees today to inform us a crime had been committed. I Googled for Mr. Sparkman’s name and a local blog had the information he had been found hanged in a cemetery.

@Dave H: Oh, yes, OK. You’ve inside information about this. The place has gone mad.

@FlyingChainSaw: They might start torching Post Offices! Oh yes, do, please!

@blogenfreude: Come on, this has to be a robocall poll. Yeesh, I see teh stupids everywhere, I live near Kallikak country, but those people don’t answer polls. I can just hear the conversation, “Hey Tony, you gotta love this, I told them I think Obama is the antichrist.”

My favorite part is the 13% who answer “Not Sure” – what are they waiting for?

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