Could this be Mean Jean’s macaca moment?


I doubt it. There has been too many other nutters who said it out loud to rooms full of people instead of just whispering it to one nearly hysterical woman. Besides, she’s said worse.

@Just Jamie: Agreed. It will probably help her get more votes next November.

Democrats who sign a “truther” petition get fired from positions of responsibility. But Republicans are free to spout birther nonsense with complete immunity.

We’ve seen this same pattern before, of course, when it comes to sex with prostitutes.

TJ: Stinque Book Club question for those of you who might read this month and keep Nojo rolling in the nickles.

Suggestions I’ve received include:
1. Winter of our Discontent by Steinbeck
2. the new Pynchon book (Is it Inherent Vice, Dodger?)
3. Lincoln’s Melancholy by Joshua Wulf Shenk
4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
5. The State of Jones by Sally Jenkins and John Stauffer

Thoughts? In full disclosure, I’m the one who is suggesting #3, because I just bought it and it combines several of my interests: history, politics, and psychology.

@blogenfreude: Or is it necessary for an old white man from Georgia saying that the uppity Negro president better “show some humility” in his health care speech?

Yessir, Massa Chambliss!

I’ll read Steinbeck or Faulkner for sure.

#2 or #5, 3 looks good but I’m ready for some fiction after too many sobering non-fiction reads.

Oh and Steinbeck, I haven’t read that one yet. kthx

Those damn courts, they say its OK for a black man to be president, what can I do?

Since #2 and #5 are only available as hardbacks, I vote for any of the others. My budget doesn’t currently run to hardbacks, and there are long waiting lists for those at the library.

ADD: I only recently heard of that Steinbeck novel, and I’m intrigued.

@Mistress Cynica: I hear you sister, I’m a big fan of choosing books that have been out for a while and ergo are available in paperback for a buck or easily checked out at the library.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we seem to have some sort of consensus around Steinbeck’s Winter of our Discontent. Since you can find it as cheap as $1.75 on Amazon, and I’m sure that Homofascist’s local bookstore will carry it, I think that’ll be it. Nojo – set up the linque and watch the pennies roll in!

Okey Dokey — I have ordered it to be delivered to my library (cuz I am teh broke and broken hearted).

@SanFranLefty: I’ll read Steinbeck. I totally ripped off, er, was inspired by Tortilla Flats for a major report I did over several months on Navajo street drunks in Gallup, NM and the whole raft of issues relating to their situation. My newspaper’s efforts including a week-long series plus over a year of continuing coverage ended up costing you the taxpayers over a million bucks when then-Congressman Bill Richardson got a much needed emergency shelter/detox center built there, plus that the legislature passed a whole bunch of laws relating to DWI (which I later enforced as an assistant district attorney) and local option taxes for treatment programs and liquor control. That’s back when newspapering meant something.

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