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grassleywebThis is getting tiresome:

Well, there is another political leader, higher up in the hierarchy that used that than I did…And then the Washington Post, or some newspaper later on said something about Sarah Palin. Well, Sarah Palin said that presumably before I said it, about the death boards…But if you figure, if you connect several dots, you got, the concern about saving money in this health care bill, you’ve got the concern about a public option leading to a government run health care plan, and then you got the Veterans Administration putting out a book saying that all of the doctors have to deal with end of life issues for everyone that is in that system, and then you’ve got all of that put together. And quite frankly, between government running everything and paying a doctor to give that advice, everybody figures that the government is going to be in the middle of end of life issues just like they are in England, as an example.

Lying, or deeply stupid?

I am so sick of these people.

Grassley Defends ‘Pull the Plug on Grandma’ Comments: Palin Said it First! [ThinkProgress]

Because everyone knows that the Talibunny is an expert on every issue – after all, she can see Russia from her house!

Besides, the Republicans have been taking a very “death panel” stance to environmental regulation for years; essentially, they push for any regulation of pollution to be evaluated on a “cost/benefit” basis. So unless enough people will die from it, they approve of pollution. And Bush pushed through a *reduction* of over $1 million in the value of a life for those plans…

Sen Grassley. Could we try that again in English? As in language? Kthnxbai.

“And in Iowa I know by now the children must be crying, where the stupid just won’t die

Jack Kerouac, updated.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: You know I think this outrage over the president speaking to schoolchildren, I think this is starting to look like a Terry Schiavo moment (I still beleive the Schiavo debacle was the real tipping point for W and the republicans). They are looking stupid over this one, wait, of course they look stupid, they are stupid, on this and everything else they do, but you know what I mean, they are looking so stupid that even the stupid can see that they are being stupid about this. Which is good. Yay, I think I will have a celebratory martini tonight. Between celebratory martinis, and consolatory martinis, I always have good reason for a martini.

In Britain, Grassley, Vitter, Inhofe, Coburn and their ilk would never attain even a low office – they would be summarily dismissed and sent packing.

This is starting to feel like we’re stalking him. I feel dirty and icky.

@Prommie: I dunno…even the Comcast mail portal, not known for it’s news editorials, is going with the “Obama gives controversial speech“. Sure, they might mean he gave a speech that had achieved “controversial” status due to all the stoopid, but it doesn’t read that way.

OTH, I would very much like to think that these are just the very vocal minority that, just like irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids, are fairly short-lived and benign despite being a pain in the ass.

@Just Jamie: Lieberman probably should have won today – his ability to look straight into the camera and lie is astounding.


Yeesh, Bloggie, I was having a perfectly fine day and then you have to go and bring up Droopy. Thanks a lot.

@blogenfreude: Darling, have you ever actually met an Englishman?

@Benedick: Quite a few – they all call me “Ginge”.

TJ: Is anybody anywhere out there floating the idea of doing something about the Senate? How about a constitutional amendment changing their terms to 3 years? (Don’t suppose abolishing the Senate entirely would stand a snowball’s chance, but 6 years is definitely too long between times of having to explain themselves to the voters.)

@lynnlightfoot: Skip the amendment, just ditch the filibuster. Then everybody will be on their toes.

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