All Your Disposable Income Are Belong To Us

MMORPG? Look it up, you n00b.

Poor Ben Alexander. A World of Warcraft enthusiast, he had to drop out of the University of Iowa after spending “16 or 17 hours a day” playing online, instead of, you know, studying. Or attending classes. Or taking tests. “School wasn’t interesting,” he says.

But Ben found help — at ReSTART, a “residential treatment center for Internet addiction” near Seattle. Now instead of blowing away opponents or otherwise obsessively indulging in “pathological computer use,” Ben is baking cookies.

Good for Ben! Free at last from oppressive MMORPGs! And all for the low, low price of only $14,000 for a 45-day stay. But no cheating — “Internet addiction” isn’t an official shrink-wrapped disorder, so insurance doesn’t cover treatment.

Poor Ben’s parents.

Internet addiction center opens in Fall City [Seattle P-I]

I knew guys in HS who spent every waking moment playing D&D (the paper version.) Strangely, none of them did anything else or get laid, etc not that any of them cared.

My housemate plays 1st person shooters for 3-5 hours almost every day. On a certain level I can’t blame him. It’s a perfect world where he can do everything he can’t in the real world (run/walk without breaking a sweat, be brave, etc.) Problem is that the real world has an awful way of intruding on the fantasy world. It always does.


Already survived b-day dinner at the parents yesterday. None of the usual fighting. No “why isn’t my 39 year old pathetic son married” whining from mom (although I could see it in her eyes.)

39? Yup.

I guess you can call it that. A peaceful birthday dinner. Better than cash, sometimes.

I’ve spent the last three and a half years of gainful employment spending more time than is reasonable doing this: reading and commenting on our little blogs, versions 1 through 4 (don’t forget HFA!). And yet, I appear to be failing upwards in a few short weeks. Go figger.

And in some kind of cosmic/karmic/comic alignment, I also seem to have scored a trifecta in daily StinqueFeeds. I couldn’t be prouder.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey, 축 생일 친구

@Manchu and The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Congratulations, guys, for Manchu’s BD and Beesco showing than an affilliation with stinque is not necessarily a career-killer.

Best wishes to you both. I’ll tip a toddy for you all tonight as I watch with rapt attention the coverage on the wave of bagger/tenther/birther/plain ol racist suicides sweep the nation in the Wake of the Black Man’s Speech.

BTW, those assholes are thriving on the the AM band due government regulation of the publicly owned/socalist airwaves. Fuck ’em again.

@redmanlaw: Hey, how’s that bug you caught doing? Think of it this way: better than even odds that you and Jr. have inoculated the household against this fall’s impending swine flu/Captain Tripps pandemic wave.

ADD: I just put Kyle Orton on waivers on my ff league, hoping to pick up Cutler. Apologies.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I was the life support system for whatever raft full of bugs caused my bronchitis. I have recovered adequately to make a meeting with the federales in the Big City today. Of course.

As for your trading action, I think Beth Orton would be better for Denver at this point.

/Praying for .500


Oh, Manchu, just wait. 40 is actually pretty awesome in a lot of ways, you’ll see.

Thirty-nine was terrible for me, I thought it meant I was about to be old. Little did I know: there is no old. Old is what happens to other people. You just get..settled, somehow.

@ManchuCandidate: Happy birthday!

Who paid for that $14K rehab? His parents? They must be thrilled to have wasted a year’s tuition and then have to shell out a ridiculous amount for rehab on top of that.

@ManchuCandidate: Many happy returns! I second Tommmcatt–my 40s have been the best decade yet.

@Mistress Cynica: That’s cause we haven’t lived through the 50s yet in Life’s Rich Pageant.

@Just Jamie: Plus an earlier alcohol rehab, since that was the closest thing they could find. The real story’s between the lines, and much more interesting than the one written.

All you 40-somethings — children! Wait until all those AARP invites start mocking your self-esteem.


Parents and teachers who’re banning That One’s speech are well aware that should Obama drift off-script and whip it out, then all the boys will instantly go gay, and the girls will never make love to a white man–EVER.


P.S. The baggers/racists/birthers are too stupid and sadistic to just off themselves.

Instead, they’re blessing their beloved USA with a slow-motion murder-suicide.

They can have the disposable income. I’ll take all the base. KTHXBAI!!1one!!

Thanks all.

I have to say that my 30s have been a much happier time than my 20s and teens.

Not looking forward to getting retire info though.

@Original Andrew: Cleavon Little, on script: “”Scuse me while I whip this out.” “[screams]”

@redmanlaw: I’m 58 but trying to approach life like I’m 25. Except for my knees.

@Original Andrew and Dodgerblue:

Another day, another Blazing Saddles reference.

Never gets old.

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