Nothing Bothers Us Today

Be nice, or it's medical experiments for the lot of you.

Here, enjoy some Boohbahs. And please ignore the melting Arctic.


I need to make pretty colors with these annoying fucks by hammering them with aluminum softball bats.

I always thought the Poohbah plush toys looked liked uncircumcised peens seen through a head full of mescaline.

Hey, happy labor day you stinquey lot! Saw ‘District 9’ last night, and it gets five Awesome Konis on the Nabisco scale.

I think the purple one has teh Ghey.

Someone should alert Bill O.

How do you load the shooter? Do their guts asplode? Do you score extra for shooting the people?

@RZ: I think having teh Ghey is the least of the purple one’s problems.

That crap made my dog* growl and bark. I’ll see them in my next fever dream this afternoon.

Probably headed back to bed soon.

* 1 year old Chow/whatever other dog lived across the road from the owner of the mother


What the hell are these things? are they like teletubbies?

With luck maybe our weapons can kill everybody before global warming does. From Reuters: “The United States accounted for more than two-thirds of foreign weapons sales in 2008, a year in which global sales were at a three-year low, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

Citing a congressional study released on Friday, the Times said the United States was involved in 68.4 percent of the global sales of arms.

U.S. weapons sales jumped nearly 50 percent in 2008 despite the global economic recession to $37.8 billion from $25.4 billion the year before.”

Talk about being proud to be an American! It’s enough to make me watch ESPN all day on their 30’th birthday.

@SanFranLefty: In other news of wackiness, Forbes reports that the Dallas Cowboys have the most valuable franchise in football. One has to ask: why?

Is it wrong that they’re turning me on?

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