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Shanneen Barron:


She has the most white trash trailer park/stripper/Wal-Mart clerk name ever. So color me not surprised. I’m not watching the video but I am guessing her kid has a unique name like M’Kynsziiee.

I just came home from a depressing evening with my wife’s family. At one point the president appeared on the TV screen. One nephew, a high school junior, growled that he hates Obama. When I asked him why he had one reason, “Because he’s a Democrat.”

His older brother, a college sophomore, then chimed in with, “As soon as Obama became president he undid all the limits on stem cell research from President Bush.” When I replied, “Thank goodness” his eyes got a lot wider. He quickly ended the discussion with the ultimate, “Well if he tries to take my guns then I’ll … blah blah blah”.

Maybe I should explain that the parents are two of the three most rabid Xians it’s ever been my opportunity to meet – the other being my father-in-law. They always sheltered the boys from obviously Satanic influences like Harry Potter and Halloween. My wife and I still laugh about the time she did some reiki for our niece and this sister-in-law literally fled from both the room and the house. We’re pretty sure that she believes my wife is a witch. They would fit right in with the parents in this video.

@Dave H: Yeah, it’s all fun and games until your brainwashed nephew takes his guns to DC and tries to kill Michelle – or stands outside a Planned Parenthood and menaces women coming in for pap smears…or pills…or abortions.

Can you and your wife (who have greater strength and patience than I would have to socialize with these idjits) have your nephews kidnapped by cult deprogrammers and subjected to a healthy diet of books by Emerson and electronica dance music?

Right, as if this lady had an original idea in her life – suddenly she has a whole raft of ideas about how a pro-forma address to the kids by the president is a satanic rite.

Mel Brooks and gang summed them up:

“These people are the salt of the earth. You know, MORONS.”

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