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bush460newAnother hiring reminiscent of that of Michael Brown:

Over lunch this week in Dallas, Bush offered former White House official James K. Glassman the opportunity to run [his presidential library] think tank that the former president has described as a place to foster debate on democracy, education and other global concerns.

Glassman, who was an undersecretary of state in 2008, is a longtime fixture in Washington. He was a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for 12 years and held top executive positions at the Atlantic MonthlyU.S. News & World Report and the New Republic.

Glassman also wrote Dow 36000. Wonder how that worked out?

James K. Glassman to Head Bush Library Policy Institute [Dallas Morning News]

It’s not like he’s going to managing anything important.

It’s a preznit library made up entirely of:
The Bible
Comic Books
And some papers with the majority of the words covered by black bars or REDACTED and doodles of W killing Saddam or bombing him.

My favorite part of the announcement was this:

Glassman will develop a “world-class institute” to promote freedom, opportunity, responsibility and compassion.

Because when we think of the Shrub, we think of all these things, right? :)

That pic is almost perfect…just missing a scar on the cheek.

Hey BF, have your heard about Animal NY? Found it recently, pretty good site.

I’m looking forward to the interactive pretzel exhibit.

@nojo: “The kids will love trying to fit the different sized pretzels in the lifelike windpipe! Be the first one to apply the Heimlich correctly and win a commemorative shot glass!”

@nojo: So should we talk Sport, namely how the Ducks’ season is over before it started thanks to the suspension of their best player? I’m scared to see how much damage he would have done if he had a full-on swing to connect with the Boise player’s glass jaw.

@SanFranLefty: Won’t work with me — Eugene lost its charm once it had a winning football team. I grew up with losers, which meant we had to find other things to distract us each fall.

foster debate on democracy, education and other global concerns

And what better vehicle to drive that message home than a mainstream media journalist? I suspect Glenn Greenwald will have a field day with this.

Will it have a Victor Ashe exhibit like the JFK library has a Marilyn Monroe exhibit?

Dallas Morning News Headline 2013(or so):

“Bush Library Closed When George Checks Out the Book.”

Get it ? Nothing there. It’s a joke , like an Aggie or Polish joke.
That library will be nothing but an empty shell filled with Laura’s old dresses and funky cheep gifts given by heads of state right off the Mockingbird Lane exit on busy Central expressway.

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