A Political Metaphor for Our Times

The Selling Out of a New Generation.

From Florida this week comes news of what should be an instant urban legend:

An FDA test shows that either a frog or a toad was in a Florida man’s soda can. The Food and Drug Administration test confirmed that the remains of an animal were in Fred Denegri’s can of Diet Pepsi. Denegri popped the can open July 23 as he was grilling dinner outdoors in Ormond Beach.

Imagine: Desperately anticipating cool refreshment after being parched for ages, only to discover that not only does what you selected not quench your thirst, but it makes you feel kind of sick.

House Progressives and the White House on a Collision Course Over Public Option [TPM]

My stomach started dying at the mention of Diet Pepsi.

As gross as the toad/frog in the Pepsi is, it is still not as disgusting as the “Nutrisweet” crap which breaks down to tasty carbolic acid and formaldehyde in the human stomach.

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