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bob_mcdonnell-cropped-proto-custom_2Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell:

In McDonnell’s thesis at Regent — the school founded by Pat Robertson — the then-34-year old grad student laid out how his fundamental concern was the decline of the traditional family unit, and how government policies must be designed to counteract the nefarious influences that have contributed to it. As examples, McDonnell cited women joining the workforce, abortion and contraception (he even pined for the old days when non-marital sex was by itself a crime), and what he called a socialist effort to have the state replace the family unit.

TPM has some interesting details from the thesis here.

Deed’s Campaign Slams McDonnell’s Right Wing Thesis as ‘Blueprint for Governing’ [TPM]

Note to self: Set up automated Scandal Pool. You know this dude’s got some off-duty fucking in his background.

As I said somewhere else. 93 pages is a lot to say “Barefoot and Pregnant.”

@ManchuCandidate: The version I learned from NojoPop was “Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the Kitchen.”

And yes, NojoPop was being ironic. Everything I know about snark I learned at my father’s knee.

My guess is that what will hurt McDonnell, if anything, since this kind of thinking is pretty standard fare among his set, is that he was freakin’ 34 when he wrote it. He can’t hide behind the “I was barely an adult at the time and just wanted the approval of my professors” defense that gets tossed out to explain away controversial undergraduate work.

@mellbell: I agree, unfortunately I fear this might get him votes from inside the state plus resources from outside the state if he becomes a martyr of the liberal MSM….

@mellbell: We can only hope the Dem has the balls to make an ad for each and every medieval position this assclown takes.

T/J: hey SFL, didja see that the Giants are talking with washed-up former Dodger, former Red Soxer Brad Penny? Let’s see, the Sox are in a tough pennant race with their hated rival, and they let Penny loose for nothing. And the Giants, believing themselves in a pennant race with their hated rival, want him because . . .?

@Dodgerblue: The Giants certainly love the over the hill players – they’re kicking the young guy who pitched a no hitter last month to the minors to make room for a washed up ex-Dodger and hoping to get Randy Johnson off the injured list in time for the short-lived playoffs. None of this seems like a good idea.

@Dodgerblue: they’re counting on a John Smoltz AL-return to-NL effect, but the problem is:

1) Dave Righetti may be a good pitching coach but he isn’t Dave Duncan
2) Brad Penny was never in the same echelon as Smoltz and while he was good as a Marlin, has ridden some coattails ever since.

@mellbell: I believe W set the cut-off age at 42 for “youthful indiscretions.”
I do think “Kinder, Küche, Kirche: The Other KKK” would make an excellent campaign slogan for him.

@Mistress Cynica: While we’re there, Teddy was 37 when he had his off-road incident.

@Signal to Noise:
Hey. At least you can talk baseball in Sept. My team’s pennant hopes died in May.

Whats the big deal? This is the open agenda of the christtards. Its why they created “Liberty University,” so that retards could spout bullshit like this in an atmosphere of universal retardation, so their retardery would be applauded.

This guy is nothing, nothing unusual at all. Whats far more scary is W stacking the courts with these christtards, and funneling them into career justice department positions.

@ManchuCandidate: April here, my friend. April 19fuckin93, to be precise.

@The Nabisco Quiver:
Is there a relegation division like in Footy? Our teams could go there. Seriously.

TJ/ I don’t know if anyone is writing this one up and I apologize if anyone is, but I was reading gawker and this nugget of awesomeness showed up.


can they cut it out for 10 more days?

prommie, i’m still laughing at “joe lieberman (L, Israel)”

@baked: Focus on beating me (yet again, dammit!) at Scrabble and getting your furbabies back to the island paradise, and those 10 days will fly by.

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