How to Buy a Politician

240-government2This is cool – shows you political contributions that occur near votes favorable (and  unfavorable) to a piece of legislation.  Here’s frequent Douchebag of the Day Chuck Grassley.  Here’s everyone’s favorite hooker fucker David Vitter.  And, for shits and giggles, here’s my senator: The Schume* – it appears no one gives him money.

Yet another reason Al Gore invented the internets.

*to Schume means to take credit for something you had absolutely nothing to do with.

TJ/ I think that FCS might have dropped some hints about this.

Seems the G7 Fizkal leadershit knew about the impending blow out. I can put it in a Canada City Context. I’ve long suspected that the timing of our most recent election was done so on the basis that the fizkhell blowout would have happened in Oct (as is fizkhell tradition) not in early Sept so Mr Harper would have walked in with the majority he so craves (as the early polls seemed to show.) Maybe I need to readjust my tinfoil hat, but the timing seemed too unreal.

I wonder how Mr Flathead/Flattery the Canada City Fizkhell Minister (assuming that our shitheaded asskissing sack of shit MSM actually follows up on this) will deal with the questions.

Why do I not believe that if I gave each of these asshats $500 or even $5,000 on the day of a vote, or the day before, they would vote the way I want them to?

Perhaps if we pooled the spare change in our sofas and clothes dryers we’d have enough to purchase their votes on a decent healthcare bill?

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