tom_delay_mugshotYet another sign that our civilization is in rapid decline:

NEW YORK – Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay will join 15 celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sports in kicking up their heels on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.”

The show’s largest cast ever, announced Monday, features singers MyaMacy Gray and Aaron Carter; actors Ashley HamiltonMelissa Joan Hart and Debi Mazar (MAY’-zahr); and models Joanna Krupa and Kathy Ireland.

Why?  Why is this little shitbag allowed in polite society? And who wants to see him on ‘Dancing With the Has-Beens’?

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast Includes Tom DeLay [OMG!]


Someone is going to have to touch that ratcatcher…ewwww. I think I need another shower now.

@cuthbert: Hey, now! That’s not fair to terriers all over the globe. This is too funny!

And I take exception to Debbie Debi Mazar being classified as a has been. Love. Her. Who else has started as a make up artist for Madonna and launched a somewhat successful film career?

Fucking fucker dyes his hair with Kiwi shoe polish, I see. Its a hair color and a pomade all at once, and you carry with you that aroma which evokes memories of a good old-fashioned shoe-shine stand, fond memories, for a Tom Delay, its one of the few remaining institutions in our society where a white man can lie back and enjoy the experience of having a black man kneel at his feet and fill a servant role.

I done told my momma ’bout this and she done spit blood out her eyeballs. Dang, she’s mad.

I don’t know how DWTS determines which “star” dances with which professional, but man, I pity the dancer who has to rumba with this greasy pig. The mental image is horrifying.

I didn’t realize that cockroaches can dance.

@ManchuCandidate: They can’t. DeLay can cling to Marie Osmand’s leg and dry hump it while she drags him around the floor.

@FlyingChainSaw: My brother-in-law had a bulldog like that. That animal would hump anything.

Posh and Tom DeLay in the same room … glad I’ve never seen the show (and never will).

Well, I’m sorry to keep going on about this, but I am horrified. I wouldn’t let my dead grandmother square dance with this guy. The idea of having to watch this gollum grind his pelvis into the nubile bodies of Edyta , Karina or Cheryl is stupefying. I thought it couldn’t get worse with Steve Wozniak but I’d sooner rip my eyeballs out than watch. I mean really for god’s sake is there no decency in this world? why does everything have to be ruined. Oh, the humanity.

@blogenfreude: at some point the convergence of all kinds of loathsome people has to result in spontaneous combustion, right?

I might watch because Michael Irvin is an endlessly entertaining character. That’s still a “might.”

I stopped watching other people dance when I was in high school. And watching people like Delay dance? meh.


At least it isn’t Bill Frist.

Hi Everybody! I just spent the last 6 days at Walt Disney World!


@Tommmcatt Floats: Did you tear down Western civilization and families by your mere subversive presence there?


I did get some funny looks from obvious Christianists as I played and rode rides with Mr. ‘Catt’s brown, almond-eyed niece and nephew. I was hoping that they would alert security so I could go all middle-aged queen on their ass, but alas! I guess at this point 2 adult men with children is pretty mainstream even for them….

@Tommmcatt Floats: That’s why I always like it when NojoBro brings the nephews to WallyWorld West. Perfect excuse to shamelessly enjoy the day — for their sake, of course.

I can’t say when I’ve enjoyed a press release more. This news has just about made my day. I’m with Bloggie about never seeing this show – and I’ve never heard of any of the co-‘stars’ either: you know by now what a sheltered life I’ve led. But that just makes it better. I can’t stop smiling. I’m imagining the rehearsals and the one-time Leader of the House red-faced and sweating in Capezio’s finest jazz pants. I suppose it’s too much to hope for a tango.

@texrednface: If E, K or C are dancers they’ve probably had to do worse. Plus they’re probably being paid wellish and being provided with awesome health care benefits. SAG is a very good union.

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