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The President is near!

From an email message forwarded by a North Canton, Ohio, police dispatcher, who received it from a fellow dispatcher in Uniontown:

“New ‘Air Force One’ Tail Number and yes, please forgive me, I’m really sorry, I really, really tried not to laugh, but …………………..!”

Next time, try harder. The keg’s running low.

Rogue Dispatcher Endangers Lives of North Canton Police [OhioDaily, via Think Progress]

Update: Two North Canton dispatchers were suspended Friday because of the email. There’s still hope.


I just sent the originator of the “dispatch” the following, with the subject “Stay Classy!”: I think you should look for vanity plates that read A22H0L3 for your email with the photoshopped tail fin. And you should be ashamed of yourself for propagating hateful language, while on the public’s dime.

And on and on and on …

It gets more and more blatant every day.

@The Nabisco Quiver: Send this from us: In a civilized society this guy would be stuffed into a fucking wedding dress, with his eyes and ears duct-taped shut and air dropped into a supermax for a week, you know, chortle, chortle, for a little fun.

The Supermaxes would be illegal under the geneva conventions, its only legal because we only torture our own mentally ill in them.

@Promnight: True but they could be handy for teaching fucktards like this dispatcher some manners.

They show their hands when they do this sort of shit. Lets face it: for all their pointed denials, the Right’s been driven batshit insane over the fact that there’s a black man in the white house. These little episodes merely put the lie to their denials.

@The Nabisco Quiver: I think we need to simplify the nation’s sensitivity-training manuals:

Keep this shit out of the office.

Anita Malachowski is a Klassi Kunt with a KKK.

And I hope that this is the first thing that comes up when that racist fucking bitch Googles her name.

Kisses, Anita! Go to fucking hell, darling!

Back at the original blog, somebody thinks we’re all over-reacting:

Hey, did you ever pass on a funny but offensive email? I admit I have. I’m a liberal, and I have an outrageous sense of humor. I like parody, I like The Daily Show and George Carlin, etc. I work at a job where I’m on the computer a lot, and I will often surf the web at lunch or in my free time.

My 90-year-old grandmother in-law is always sending my wife these awful emails. You know, the standard right-wing crazy emails, like Obama is the antichrist, and whatnot. Do you want to send this grandma to jail???? Stop it with the “thoughtcrime”… it’s a free country and we are free to hate the ethnicity of our choice, we are free to be idiots.

It’s not illegal to hate Obama. I sure hated Bush. It’s not a hate crime to send out dumb emails, even on your job. Calm Down Now.

Fair point — but this ain’t grandma, or some jerk at Qualcomm. It’s a police dispatcher at work. (Actually, two.) I’d be more than a little upset if this (or an equivalent Border joke) happened in San Diego.

And, as we used to say: It’s not the thought — it’s the expression. Yes, you’re free to be an asshole at home. But not on the public dime. Especially not for the police.

I, for one, am quite calm. I would just like to point out that if you “hate the ethnicity of your choice,” you are, by definition, a racist. I would also have liked to point out that the thought is one thing, the tax-funded expression another, but nojo already did.
So maybe instead I will question the liberalism of someone who appears to be defending a) hating specific ethnicities and b) the funniness of calling the President the n-word.
I am so calm that I have not once (in this comment) invited anyone involved to fuck off, fuck themselves, fuck any powertool, or go hunting with Dick “Dick” Cheney.
See how Calm I am? So calm.

@Jebediah: Also: we did elect him. He is our preznit. He is the face of the US. I still think that’s kind of wonderful. What else are they gonna do?

@Benedick: What else? Ever heard of Oklahoma City? Everyone who voted McCain is likely planning one of these alone or in league with some other psychopaths. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the USSS personnel (who didn’t vote for McCain) to hear Obama talking about taking a nice little trip to a town hall meeting these days.

With apologies to nojo, I am going to do a little back door posting, because with a Texas judge named Tom Head, this is irresistible:

Texas judge defends his racist poster showing Obama supporters as criminals: ‘I don’t consider it racist.’

@texrednface: No apologies necessary — threadjacking is a grand tradition here. If anything, you’re being too polite by staying relatively on topic.


You’re right, it is wonderful. But truly these Elmer Fudd motherfuckers are a problem. Has anyone official given any word on why the fuck they are allowed within 1000 yards of POTUS with their fucking guns?
Maybe we need the Black Panther security patrols back. Card carrying obvious liberals with 12 gauges on their shoulders, glaring at these pinheads.
Fuck them.

@Jebediah: Style note: “Elmer Fudd” is a term of disparagement used by “true red-blooded US American Second Amendment supporters” *cough* who accept no limits on firearms ownership against hunters/conservationists whose interests in firearms extends only to those used for taking game. Hunters, or “Fudds” are seen as less manly, less American and “soft” on “2A” issues because most don’t care for or own AR-15s etc.

That may change over time because (a) veterans tend to adopt their service weapons/cartridges for hunting when they retire from the service (if it’ll kill a guy, it’ll kill a deer), which is why the .30-06 and .308 Win. (similar to the NATO 7.62 round) became so prevalent in the field after WW1 and the M-14*era; and, (b) with AR-15-style rifles being tuned up for varmit shooting and the current development of AR-15 style rifles in big game calibers such as the .308 Win. I guess you’d have to put me in the Fudd camp since the only military weapons I have are two old WW2 battle rifles, one “sporterized” for hunting, which will be this year’s back up rifle, and maybe the Glock 19 9mm pistol.

* The adoption of the .308 by hunters was almost concurrent with the development of the M-14.

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