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You say congenital liar, I say tomahto.It’s war!

1. Palinize (32 up, 121 down)

To attack a person for his or her conservative values by focusing an inordinate amount of attention on a single example of that person falling short (or being perceived as falling short) of the values they espouse. The term is derived from excessive criticism of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin by the mainstream media and other public figures after it was learned that Palin’s unwed teenage daughter was pregnant.

2. Palinize (110 up, 15 down)

to exaggerate the truth or lie by omission: I palinized my resume.

3. Palinize (8 up, 93 down)

1. To smear or mock someone using falsehoods, baseless accusations or unsubstantiated character assassinations for the purpose of blocking them from achieving a goal.

2. To write libelous or slanderous things about someone to oppose their agenda or to prevent them from obtaining the power to advance that agenda.

3. To file frivolous legal and ethical claims against someone for the purpose of bankrupting them or distracting them.

Why all the action? Ask Michele Bachman.

Bachmann: ‘Don’t let them Palinize me!’ [Politico]

Palinize [Urban Dictionary]


I also liked:

palinize 106 up, 6 down

To avoid giving any substantial answer to a factual question, by means of cobbling together meaningless platitudes; to attempt to fool the listeners and distract their attention by pandering to their prejudices and using one’s charm or attractiveness. Inspired by the distinctive style of Alaska governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Vote early and often!

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