Strange But True!

The Dogs of War Crimes.

Did you know that Wednesday was the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions? Neither did we! Funny how everyone overlooked it.

Interrogation Inc.: 2 U.S. Architects of Harsh Tactics in 9/11’s Wake [NYT]

All the Vice President’s Men [Stinque]


@SanFranLefty: yeah, Fredo is still wondering where the swag bags are that usually get handed out at conventions.

O&BTW, it’s the 3rd Geneva convention (treatment of POWs) that is 60; the first two are even older, and far quainter.

Condi said that those Geneva Conventions were old fashioned and out of date.

@Promnight: No, she was talking about Laura’s wardrobe.

Bit of pointless trivia: did you know shotguns ARE supposed to be banned as a weapon of war under the Geneva convention?

@ManchuCandidate: And that rule was most famously broken on the retreat from Chosin reservoir, and this incident is only cited to show how dire the straights were for the US soldiers once the Chinese wave broke on them.

Funny thing, we can use sticky gasoline (Napalm is just gas thats sticky and clings to you and burns for a long time) but not shotguns. Hmph.

@Promnight, manchu: Shotguns are in widespread use by Our Fighting Forces. One of the most well-regarded shotguns is the 12 ga. Mossberg 500. Inexpensive, works great, durable. I have two for turkey and birds/small game in 12 and 20 ga.

I’ve fired the 20 guage pump, modified for Skeet shooting with full choke and custom sights (fitted for someone else.)

Shotguns are like crossbows in the middle ages. They were supposed to be banned by papal proclamation. Then it was changed to be used only on non-Christians and then non-Catholics, but everyone used them on each other anyway.

Perhaps Obama was subtly honoring the anniversary by awarding 16 Medals of Freedom yesterday, none of which went to war criminals. Would-be death panel victim Stephen Hawking was one of them.

T/J: The great Les Paul passed away today. Let’s all crank up our amps tonight in his honor.

@Dodgerblue: Just saw the news. I’m turning it up to 11 tonight!

@The Nabisco Quiver: Too bad I gave away my Fender Twin. That thing made the tools on my garage wall vibrate at “4” — I’m not kidding about that. Yes, Officer, I’ll turn it down.

@Dodgerblue: “It might get loud” in heaven today.

Some fave Les Paul users: Page, Townshend, Adam Jones (Tool), Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Keef (on Exile!) . . . Metallica/Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield . . .

@Dodgerblue: Awesome for zombeez. Cheap, plentiful ammo. I’m taking my 20 ga to the mountains for grouse and squirrel in a couple of weeks. You can use slugs in them, too, for deer, bear and evil robots.

@redmanlaw: And the great, underrated Mike Bloomfield. Peter Green.

@The Nabisco Quiver: Isn’t his old three pick up LP called “Blackie” or something?

Hmmm . . . guess the girls went to lunch.

@redmanlaw: “Ole Black” (check the new gravatar).

Wait, Neil wrote “Heart of Gold”! “A Man Needs a Maid”! You can come back now, ladies!

@redmanlaw: I’ve seen Neil wear that boat anchor around his neck for hours. Hurts my back just to see it.

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