AfterbirtherWatch: Amateurs!

Twitter me this, Batman.


The only good thing about this, for the wingers, is that it makes those who claim that Black Eagle was a terrorist sympathizer look like rocket scientists. Stanley Kurtz (hack for National Review) actually went into a college library to try to connect dots from verifiable materials. He failed to connect the dots, but the methods were at least somewhat rational. Birthers are just dotty.

@chicago bureau:
The difference between birthers and preschoolers is that preschoolers know that some dots are just imaginary.

I don’t like the “believe” and the “likely.” Is he really that beholden to the crazies?

@RomeGirl: I’ll cut Turdblossom some slack here. It’s a tweet, and he’s likely not sufficiently obsessed to bother with the detailed exegesis. So a couple of weasel words, and off to lunch.

@RomeGirl: Sorta makes you think he typed out “though I’d be happy to be proven wrong” before thinking better of it, don’t it?

@RomeGirl: He owes his career to the snakehandlers.

@nojo: I don’t think Unkle Karl has ever done a spontaneous thing in his life. This includes the rapping.

@mellbell: Ha yeah, exactly.

@FlyingChainSaw: I know, but he is a trend spotter. Can’t he see that the crazies are no longer in style?

@nojo: It’s a tweet, so there’s no need for the modifiers “I believe” and “likely”

@RomeGirl: Doesn’t matter. He has a scheme cooking to put the RNC back into power. He is sending Talibunny to gun rallies now. The base+unprecedented mobilization of militias+ultras from neonazi/skinhead movement+Talibunny+sympatheticExecutiveOfficersinPentago=a shot at retaking DC.

The RNC is really a covert action collective. The test of their resolve is to see if they’ll go overt and just organize a military attack on the White House with their own name on it.

Stinque God is now on WND’s media email list…

“We’ve had less than 24 hours to consider its authenticity or non-authenticity,” explains Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the first news agency to publish the document. “Our goal, as always, is to seek the truth. This is not our document. It is evidence that has presented in a high-profile court case. And, thus, I believe we had a journalistic responsibility to publish it — just as I think every other news organization does.”

Tell that to Dan Rather.

@nojo: Saying WND has journalistic ethics, responsibility, or journalism, period, is offensive to the like 5 remaining actual journalists left in the United States.

@rptrcub: Now, now. They fully vetted their story about Obama being the Antichrist.

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