Am I Retarded, or am I Just Overjoyed?

At one point during Monday night’s Green Day show at Madison Square Garden, Billie Joe Armstrong announced that he needed someone on stage who could play the guitar:

If that little girl in her Misfits shirt and her pigtails can get up on stage at Madison Square Garden and absolutely own it, there is hope for the future. That is all.


2:41 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Billie Joe did the same thing at their 2005 Albuquerque show, then gave his red Les Paul Junior to a girl in the front row. “You better be able to play that thing next time I come here,” he said. The RMLs are headed to Denver to see them on August 15.

ADD: That video literally gives me tears of joy.

2:51 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Billie Joe: An enormous ball of awesome and hawt, doing the super bounce on the pavement of cool, forever and ever, amen.

3:21 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Beyond awesome.

4:24 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

If that’s her 15 minutes, she got a good deal.

4:28 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Librarians in horned helmets in a book cart drill team. (Looking closely for one M. Cynica . . . )

4:49 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009


I was a Green Day hater when they started. The wound of a Clash-less world was still too fresh. I even ate with some friends in a Chinese restaurant in Berkeley with Billie Joe a few tables away, ’96 I believe, and I went out of my way to be the Anti-fan (without confronting him, of course).

I like them now, and especially like The Foxboro Hot tubs.

ADD: Now Rancid – that was a Clash spawn I totally got behind.

5:37 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

I liked Green Day when they started, but American Idiot made me love them. This is so cool.

Meanwhile, check out the mash-up of “Sarah Palin v. That Crazy Santa Cruz Lady*” on HuffPo

*I shared that clip of the Santa Cruz City Council meeting a few days ago on a thread upstream.

5:58 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@SanFran Hussein Lefty: that video is brilliant.

6:24 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@SanFran Hussein Lefty:

What’s truly incredible is that those speeches make perfect sense to large numbers of Americans, but then again, it’s just a demonstrable fact that many people speak fluent Kray-zee.

6:26 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Me gusta Jesus of Suburbia.

6:31 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

So I had my primero lesson in français last night.

I knew that it’s similar to el español, but I had no idea they were that close.

The Frenchies sure do like their extra silent letters and contractions, though. Mon Dieu!

6:37 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

J’aime bien Jesus of Suburbia.

6:53 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

What, we’re not liveblogging the Beer Summit? Plugz crashed the party.

6:58 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Because it’s lame. If Crowley had any stones at all, he should have showed up in his uniform and tried to arrest Obama for interfering with a lawful arrest.


7:09 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@FlyingChainSaw: I thought it was going to be a photo-op at best anyway. Were there plans for live foam-to-dregs coverage?

7:12 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@nojo: Hey, I spotted fruit in Crowley’s beer. Preparing a post now. As usual, the video is fucked. Can you assist?

7:16 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@nojo: NYT was liveblogging it.

7:43 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@FlyingChainSaw: I demand to see evidence of your constitutional right to be president

7:45 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: Exactly. He wants to play the badass cop, let him take the opportunity at hand.

10:24 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

Ran this on the computer with sound. She has a better voice than the Billy but was her guitar plugged in?

10:33 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: I had the same trajectory you did with Green Day, I hated them, to be honest, for their stealing so many melodies and hooks from other songs, but most of all, Billie Jo’s fake brit accent.

But since American Idiot, and watching a few live videos, I have turned 180 degrees.

They are one crunching punk band, and thats all you have to be for me to love you. BJ losing the accent was a big improvement, too.

Rancid I just loved always, even though they were just too outright imitating the Clash. But how can a Clash fan not love Time Bomb?

IFF, its a big If and Only If, this chick was not a plant, and her guitar was plugged in, then thats one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

10:48 pm • Thursday • July 30, 2009

@Promnight: Just ran it with the sound. Bloody ‘ell but that is one blissful 9 minutes in that woman’s life. Looks legit, Armstrong was coaching her on the chords, such as.

12:13 am • Friday • July 31, 2009

@Promnight: They do that at shows. They brought this chick on in Albuquerque who could not play and that’s who Billie Jo gave his guitar to at that show, telling her “you better be able to play it when I cme back”.

4:05 am • Friday • July 31, 2009

@blogenfreude: Yep. I’m just hoping they don’t drag her onto Good Morning America and Letterman and give her her own show on MTV. This needs to just stay like it is, a perfect moment in time. But execs see something real – so rare, like catching a glimpse of a unicorn – and instead of having it inspire them to do better in their own lives, they take their desire to have everyone feel that moment of realness and fuck it up royally.

@Original Andrew: Welcome to the wonderful world of learning a language that was invented purely to confuse the general populace.

@redmanlaw: @FlyingChainSaw: Cynics! Heathens! ITS TEH REALZ.

2:09 pm • Friday • July 31, 2009

@Original Andrew:

Good luck pre-nouncing them things.

Shit, Chinese is easier than that.

Prenunciation-wise, of course. ;-)

2:10 pm • Friday • July 31, 2009

@RomeGirl: I didn’t say it wasn’t. I tried to say that they brought out some chica in ABQ who said she could play but actually couldn’t, and they still gave her the guitar. So yes, it is real.

Here’s three dudes they brought up when I saw them in ABQ in October 2005. The part with the girl who couldn’t play was at another time in the show.

@Nabisco has a Fig Newton for your Feuds: Foxboro Hot Tubs = awesome summertime cd. I’m burning it for a friend’s husband, along with something by French metal band Gojira so he can keep track of what’s happening back home.

Did anyone know that Cinnamon Girl is in double drop D tuning? Saw that on the CD-ROM that came with the new Guitar Player magazine. Even Metallica does only drop D, so does Neil Young = 2x more metal than Metallica? (Ponders point).

2:30 pm • Friday • July 31, 2009

@redmanlaw: And all this chick got was a set of drumsticks!

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