Leroy Swailes Brings teh Krazee



@FlyingChainSaw: Thought I entered the Matrix for a second there.

So are octopi lesbian?

And Squid? 10 tentacles! That’s 5 gays per squid!

@CheapBoy: Oh, Darling! Where have you been? I was just skyping (shut it!) with my friend Down Under.

@JNOV keeps her O face private: I’ve been keeping a low profile due to a combination of Winter, overwork, and inability to comment on US politics.

The rumours I have entered the witness protection programme under an assumed gender are false. I just enjoy shopping for shoes.

@CheapBoy: Heh! Got a new one. Not nearly as funny, but look where Minister Swailes gets his news.

God Rains Semen: The Manna of Minister Swailes

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