Burn Notice

Did you know the movie has no written credits? Clever bastard, that Truffaut.Title: “Fahrenheit 451”

Author: Ray Bradbury

Rank: 93

Blurb: None. And by this point, none needed.

Review: “If you are a thinker, Faherenheit 451 is book for you. You will also want to read Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe.”

Customers Also Bought: “Catch-22,” by Joseph Heller

Footnote: Given how the Collected Doorstops of Ayn Rand have been showing up in the Amazon Top 100 lately, we wondered whether there was some bizarre wingnut angle to Bradbury’s classic moving some inventory. False alarm: Bradbury himself — who turns 89 in August — has been making the rounds, with interviews, a new graphic novel of 451, and an appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Saturday.

So we’ll take this moment to give props to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDnet, who came up with the best line about the recent fracas over Amazon deleting books from its reading devices: “If it had been Fahrenheit 451 instead of 1984 or Animal Farm, the Kindles would have probably burst into flames.”

Fahrenheit 451 [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


I’m ashamed I own ONE Ayn Rand book. When I can’t sleep, I open it up and 5 minutes later, I’m dreaming of nuking the libertarian paradise of Gault Gulch.

Will Talibunny move into C Street now?

As an honored guest or “comfort” girl?

@ManchuCandidate: Dunno. Maybe a coach of some sort. Or cheerleader.

TJ: French President Nicolas Sarkozy hospitalized due to some sort of heart/vascular issue. No word if he was naked with Carla at the time.

@FlyingChainSaw: I think there’s a Final Press Conference or something today at 6 p.m. ET. Haven’t decided whether to make an event out of it.

@nojo: Oh please!!! If you do it we don’t have to.

@SanFranLefty: He was “working out”.

@nojo: I am working on some stuff for a talk I have to give tomorrow – but I will try to check into the conference as they have me in a hotel that will likely have cable TV. Part of the fun of work travel is that I get to see television while I grind email. It’s like a portal to another planet.

@Benedick: I’m guessing sex with a supermodel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I lack real world experience.

@Benedick: Since I’m cranking out hackwork today anyway, I’ll check in around 6-ish to see whether something’s up, and post a quickie Open Thread to handle it if needed.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, and the Loch Wasilla sea monster will jump out and devour her on the podium.

@blogenfreude: Supposedly he was “jogging.” Possibly jogging over to the bed.

@nojo: I’ll retire my gravatar today unless she brings five stars worth of teh crazee, in which case Castro will have a run on his hands for the July 26th Movement.

@Dodgerblue: And why wasn’t the Preznit of Franch somewhere close to the Arc de Triomphe for the celebratory final stage of the TdF? Or maybe he was getting in a quick workout with la Bruni.

@Nabisco: Let’s check the Talibunny Twitter

RdTrip7 hrs wKid Rock/Martina McBride/Big&Rich/Grtchn Wilson/Billy Currngtn/Hank/Toby/VanP/Blk I P’s/Greenwd/Straight/etc&USO artists=heaven

140 characters really brings out the crazee.

What is CNN’s target demo? 7 years old?

Meanwhile, Fareed’s on. I’ll jump in with an open thread if Talibunny shows up, presumably an hour or so from now.

@Nabisco: he had trouble getting into bike shorts avec le erection.

Dodgers are down 8-0 in the 4th. Good time to go plan my photo trip to Oregon.

@Dodgerblue: Eugene gets very toasty this time of year — temperatures in the 90s this week, and we’re not even into August. It’s an EZ-Bake Oven in the Willamette Valley — air gets trapped between the hills.

CNN now saying 7 pm ET for the Palin turkey shoot, but I’m not sure that’s fixed. Soon as it turns up, I’ll post the open thread.

@nojo: They have the digital countdown going, so if nothing else the Filly from Wassilly is getting the coverage she hoped for.

@Nojo: I’m going to head up 395 to the Outback Scenic Route that ends near Bend. Might go up to the Gorge after that. This will be a solo trip, with camera, so I can stay pretty loose.

@Dodgerblue: Bend? Oh, Idaho.

I’m a Valley Boy. Anything east of the Cascades is Somewhere Else.

@Nabisco: If CNN was really cool, they’d use those old tube timers for pre-digital Olympics coverage.

@Dodgerblue: Take side trips down Hwy. 4 and Hwy. 88 before you hit Tahoe. Well worth it.

@Dodgerblue: Well, Bend could use your money. 24% unemployment, destroyed real estate economy, restaurants closing right and left. Everywhere in OR but the coast is pretty warm right now. We have 90s and 100s through Thurs. here, then back down to the 80s. I can cope because it isn’t humid and cools down to the 50s at night.
Do consider going back down I-5 and popping over to wine country if you go all the way to the Gorge. We’d love to take you on a wine-tasting tour!
BTW, I know I’ll be in Hell Lay Sept 10-13 for the Santa Monica Book fair. We need to organize a stinque-up. I’ll post details in the club house.

@Mistress Cynica: Need a place to stay in Sept? I live in Santa Monica and Mrs. DB and I have an Empty Nest. You can email me through FB.

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