Mask Maru

Some of his best work – 7/10 cardboard boxes.


Maru looks exactly like Mothra when he is dressed up like that. Uncanny.

@JNOV keeps her O face private: I routinely place an array of fun things in front of my cat, and she falls asleep again … she doesn’t want to be a star.

@JNOV keeps her O face private: I’m so ashamed I didn’t come up with that line.

@nojo: Turn in your Chuck Barris bobblehead, sir.

My favorite cat trick was one my years ago cat, Mookie Wilson, would do. Ya know those flat little cardboard trays a case of beer in cans come in, the sides are only an inch tall? Mookie would, if you put one on the floor, proudly jump into it, and sit there, completely confident that noone could see him, because he was hidden in that box.

@Promnight: I’m pretty sure Maru thinks he’s wearing a cloak of invisibility with that bag. When my cat wants to hide, he sticks his head under the sofa, oblivious to the fact that the rest of him is still in plain sight.

@Mistress Cynica: But of course, I have noticed that many cats think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them, they will often try to hide from you by looking away. Hey, where did the cat go, its not looking at me, so I can’t see it.

Its a testament to the self-centeredness of cats.

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