When Birthers Attack

This is made of FAIL:

[ Flash video not available. ]

Not just any grand jury, but a Super American Grand Jury.

They are insane.


Hehehe. Good thing they got a copy to that traffic cop! What hair band provided the music, by the way?

Cindy Sheehan looks positively brilliant next to these folks.

@Tommmcatt Floats:
It’s Van Halen (w/ Sammy Hagar)’s Right Here Right Now. If I were them, I’d sue. What they’d get is a few hundred gun collections, a squadron of rusted out trucks and enough Cheetos and corndogs to last a billion lifetimes.

Is it because Barry’s only considered 4/5 of a person under the “strict” Constitution (3/5 of a person + 1 person)/2 aka NOT WHITE?

I can’t believe I wasted 3 minutes of my life on that.

When you can’t put it in writing, put it in writing with a soundtrack so you can take 4:50 to communicate what could be read in 30 seconds.

It’s obvious. RNC and Cheney (personally and via daughter) and GOP legislators are trying to drum up psychoright rage over bogus ‘treasonous’ crimes against Obama in the hope that someone goes Adkisson on him. It’s a neat plot in that they don’t have to directly instruct someone to load a gun and point it at Obama. They just need to make sure a lot of people are on cable news shows saying, “Obama is a Kenyan who wants to give the white women to Al Qaeda to breed mooslim infantryman” all day and all night long until the shots ring out.

@IanJ: And those goofy waves. “Lookit us! We’re gonna git that there colored man out of the White House! Why ya think they call it the White House?”

@blogenfreude: Well, and nojo nailed it: those statements could have been put on a website. Instead they had to be cut into a video whose only value as a video was footage which could have been equally well represented (better, if you consider image clarity) as still shots. And someone clearly spent a bunch of time in iMovie cutting that crap together.

Special hint, kids: if it doesn’t absolutely require motion-over-time to represent, video doesn’t grant your message any special powers. It just makes it a bandwidth and time hog. Thanks for your attention.

@IanJ: That is why I’m not clicking on any video that isn’t Maru.


Was there a star-wipe?

I might watch if there’s a star-wipe.

Too bad the NSA, FBI and (In)Justice Department are too busy running the Department of Arab-Negro Thoughtcrime to give a shit when it’s crazed, pasty-white crackers who wanna overthrow the gummit.

On the other hand, that’s probs the only reason my honky ass didn’t get shipped off to Gitmo during Caligutard’s reign of terrah, so the news isn’t all bad.

@mellbell: Looks like the birthers pulled it down. Let me check …

@blogenfreude: Unfortunately, yes. The bit at SCOTUS with the plastic baggie made me laugh, because I’ve been through that a couple times, and the weirdness of it never ceases to amaze me. Also, their use of “Barry” on the papers? Priceless.


How is it that you are posting videos I can actually watch? Just a run of non-youtube clips?

Anyway, pls keep them coming.

“Acrimoniously subjugated?” Seems like someone reached for the thesaurus to try and make his screed sound more intelligent. And as usual, it had the opposite effect.

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