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We Sleep. You Decide.It may be Obama’s Waterloo, but we haven’t been able to muster excitement for health-care policy — mainly because any effective proposal is automatically forbidden from consideration. But since Barry’s driving it into a Prime Time press conference, we feel obligated to raise our groggy head ever so slightly to take notice.

So welcome to our Open Thread/Slumber Party, in which we tell each other horror stories and compare underoos. Alas, we personally are unable to attend because of getting soused an important meeting, but you’re welcome to follow the action here. Or just dream up future home materials for Maru to conquer.


Oh come on, people. It’s not THAT boring.

For the record, I’m getting Scientology ads up there.

Tales of government insurance I: Once I was a volunteer in service of the country (“longest vacation you’ll ever love“). I was vaccinated against all bugs, foreign and domestic. After my 2 yrs. service, I went a walkabout through the southern cone. Four months after end of service, flat on my back in a stateside hospital, spikey fever and chills: TYPHOID.

Bill for 10 days in hospital? US 4,000*
Amount covered by workers comp claim lodged with DOL? US 4,000

*US 4,000,000 in 2009 monies, adjusted for inflation

Another R-thug drops, his pants .

DWT has a nice rundown.

Cue the Bible in 3, 2, 1 …

We have a sex scandal scale here, rated in Diapers (after the lovely and honorable Sen Vitter.)

10 – Two dildos, crotchless wetsuit, auto erotic asphyxiation death
1 – Plain vanilla banging someone not their spouse

And the rest is up to you.

I rated this scandal at a 2 1/2 diapers.

Oh just make him smile more.

I’m not bored and I don’t think it’s necessarily Horlicks.


No boys, no foreign objects, nothing dead, no fursuit = 1.5 diapers

@ManchuCandidate: Thnx for the scandal scale tip.

So if I do some math (cuz its easy and fun, like sex) I can maybe equate a rating for the philandering phuck.

Republican + ‘family man’ – young, pretty white gal (aka, not a Mark Foleyish young teen boy or undercover Minny airport cop) + Kitten Killer protégé – “I wuz blackmailed” (but my cock wasn’t) + Sunday School teacher + possible Ponzier + caught = 3.33/10. (Could/Should go upscale once the kink kicks in.

No animals, living or dead. No ritual cannibalism. Is this guy a *registered* Republican? Has anyone seen a voter certificate of party affiliation, you know the long form party registration certificate.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, it’s that Tennessee dude I posted about yesterday? Was it you who said it got an extra 1/2 diaper because the intern’s name was McKensie or Jazzmine or something like that?


We’re kind of a rough crowd as far as this kinda thing goes…we’re like wine connoisseurs or purist savoyards. Keep bringing ’em, though!

@SanFranLefty: I was considering another half diaper for the extortion, but it’s not as if she did it.

That wasn’t me. I gave it an extra 1/2 for the age difference.

Well, he gets suckitude points for painting himself as the victim of a crime, but really, this is a one diaper at best, hey, you would think, to even enter onto the diaper scale, there should be a diaper, or something of the kink, involved?

Unfortunately, the only source I have ever read that gave some real good insight into the phenomenon of hypocracy, was that Austrian quack, friend of Frued’s, whatsisname? He had a handle on hypocracy, and it worked, his analysis of the phenomenon. I will, some time tonight or next week, remember his name.

The thing he made me realize, is that hypocracy is pretty much universal, its a normal state for a human being. Its almost like Plato’s cave, we have ideals, but ideals are not real things, they are the shadows on the wall, what we are is fallible beings, and our ideals, all of us, all of us, always fall short of ideals, its in the nature of ideals that they are unattainable.

And its inevitable, that the more someone elevates ideals and shouts and screams for adherence to the impossible ideals, that they will fall even more short of adherence to their ideals, because they have set the bar to high for themselves, for anyone, for that matter.

And there is another psychological factor at work, which is the fascination of the forbidden, if our society were less puritannical in general, we would have ideals that are closer to the ability of an average human to at least stay within reach of, and the level of hypocracy will be less.

I say this in a literal way, not as a metaphor, the situation in our society with respect to sex, is exactly the same as our situation with regard to drugs and alcohol. Prohibition, and our strict age restrictions on alcohol, create the backlash of hypocritical drug use and binge drinking, whereas, in countries where moderate alcohol use is introduced to young people early and in a family setting, binge drinking is less of a problem.

I am often somewhat surprised by the moral condemnation here, for simple marital infidelity. Its a response that sets the bar too high for an average human to make it. The stats are well known, for both sexes, infidelity is about a 50-50 proposition.

I am sorry, but the degree of dissapointment, pain, and betrayal, that infidelity causes, is directly proportional to expectations, and setting expectations too high, refusing to admit of human weakness, that sets an impossible bar, and the inevitable result is disappointment.

I have said it before, to near universal condemnation, but I would forgive my spouse, as I have forgiven past partners. I do not set an impossible standard, even for the one I love most. And its not because I have an agenda and plans and impose the standard I would want imposed on me, I have never been physically unfaithful to anyone I was in a committed relationship with. I have had emotions and attractions and connections, and yes, these things can be as bad, but then we reach another level of impossible expectation, don’t we? Its not enough that you never do it, you must never even think of it, or want to do it.

I would award this no diaper points. I think Sanford gets no diaper points, either, for his infidelity, per se, he gets ridiculousness points for his flailing out of control strangeness in his reaction to getting caught.

oh, I am gonna be hated for this one, and I am certain, I will be completely misunderstood, too. I am not in favor of swinging and open relationships, thats not it at all. I am in favor of always understanding and forgiving normal human failures, and really, its a normal human failing.

Its not too far off from the mistake of “just say no,” and the similar mistake of “abstinence only,” to have the same rigidity with respect to infidelity.


I have weaknesses and failings that I don’t like about myself, but I don’t let it (at least I think I don’t) manifest itself to where I tell everyone who they can screw or how people should behave. I try to live by my standards, but I’m not going to impose them on anyone else if I don’t NEED to and many times not even then.

What has always bothered me is that fundamentalists are more than happy to sling stones but quick to evade when the shoe is on the other foot which is more a sign of narcissistic/sociopathic behavior (see Sanford and Vitter.)

As Kryton the Cyborg from Red Dwarf once said about Rimmer (in his defense!) “The only crime Arnold Rimmer (or fill in the blank GOPer) is guilty of is being Arnold Rimmer (or fill in the blank GOPer). That is also his punishment.”

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, yes, thats the hypocracy, I am fine with condemning hypocracy, sure. Though, its worth reading Jung on the topic, its eye-opening, even though he was a nutter.

@Promnight: Hypocrisy. Please, my inner copy editor is so distracted I can’t focus on what you’re saying. And I say that in the most loving way possible.

Sorry to wrench things back to the original topic… I actually listened to a bit of this press conference, and my sole reaction (I wasn’t listening too hard) was, “Thank fucking FSM, they’re not talking about guns and bombs and killing people.” I’ll listen to a healthcare presser every day if that means it’s more important news than who blew up who among the fanatical masses.

@IanJ: And grown ups asked questions and got thoughtful – sometimes a little too thoughtful – replies. Spoken in English. And no one said axis of anything. There was even comedy relief when Hopey called on someone and a totally random guy with a really bizarre moustache asked a question from the opposite side of the room. He seems determined to get this passed. And he was very astute in framing it as an economic issue. The cost of long-term care still terrifies me but let’s see what they come up with.

@Benedick: I missed this because I was at a baseball game with 55,000 drunks. Note to Sport fans: Manny Ramirez hit a pinch-hit grand slam on the first pitch he saw.

@Benedick: I’ll have to do some reading. I’m pretty convinced that healthcare will be one of the things that destroys this country (more than it has already, I mean), so I’m curious to see how Hopey thinks he’s going to reign in the beast.

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