Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a Smarmy Little Asshole


This may seem uncomfortable for some, inappropriate for others and I am somewhat reluctant to clearly comment on but Roberts’ and Alito’s words sound somewhat, erm, ‘teh gay’ (I think dats how da kidz sez dat 2day?) coming from their manly conservative voice boxes. Also, I assume that Ms. Lindsey Graham still touches hisself down there, daily, to those previous proceedings. NTTIAWWT!

@moeman: I was going to title it “… is a Shitstain on the Nations Boxer Shorts”, but then I thought of the children.

@blogenfreude: Trudat blogenfreude. The Nation’s nads are happily boxered since it elected a not-so-tight-in-the-groinular-area cat named Obama.

If anything, a loser linen over the loins may even produce even more liberal littleones that will feel free and continue a boxered belief or better yet bare themselves and not be encumbered by any cloth at all (including religious ones). Also, cum stains on a Nation’s dress ain’t all that much, blood on the other hand is much ‘harder’ to get out.

@moeman: Snap. I didn’t think Roberts – he seemed more the smooth, meat-faced liar – but Alito has got a serious sibilance going on. I don’t know about gay but I do know I would not want to be near any large expanse of glass when he says ‘chintz.’

@blogenfreude: Thank you for that.

@moeman: Nice going. I like how you’re working the metaphors.

See now, that little sound bite at the end there is how it should be done. “Go ahead and continue not to answer the question” by one Joseph R. Biden Jr. FTW!

Fashion TJ: The outfits Missus Alito are wearing in the background of these clips are horrible.

@Benedick: I like how moeman’s working the avatars.

@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: I honestly hadn’t noticed the first go-round, but my god, those ruffles!

@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: @mellbell: Remember Mrs. Roberts and those poor children in Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits?

@Mistress Cynica: How could we forget? Indelibly seared onto my brain.

@Mistress Cynica: Of course. There should already be a legal defense fund for when they Menendez their parents.

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