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thumb_1246861119483_0p9912754103163153Jesus Christ:

STOCKTON (CBS13) A Stockton family says the image of Michael Jackson appeared on his tree stump the day the King of Pop died.

Like the “Virgin Grilled Mary” or “Cheesus,” the family thinks they’ve got an unusual spiritual image staring right at them from their own front yard. Felix Garcia has lived in the house for 22 years, and has never noticed the apparent image in his birch tree stump.

He might wind up bigger than Jesus.


Looks like the RC church is going to have competition for altar boys.

Looks like his asshole from here.

@nojo: There’s a video over at the link – see if you see what they see …

@blogenfreude: I stand corrected. It’s McNamara’s asshole.

@nojo: They are blind. That there is an image of the late, great Billy Mays.

@blogenfreude: Have you been to Stockton? It ranks down there with Bakersfield and San Bernardino on the list of places to avoid in California. If I lived in Stockton, I’d be having hallucinating visions of MJ and the Virgin Mary all the fucking time due to the self-medication required to live there.

@SanFranLefty: Been to Bakersfield, and that was grim. I’ll just trust you on Stockton.


(Lived in Bakersfield. Lasted ten months. Three cheers for Valley Fever!)

@blogenfreude: Bakersfield has some good Basque restaurants and, until recently, you could go see Buck Owens play. Stockton ain’t got bupkis.

Okay all I see in that photo is goatse, I added some “helping hands” to fix the pic here!

ManchuCandidate is right. See, there’s the anus. And right there, that’s the cancer.

Gene Simmons of KISS drawn by Roz Chast.

@Jamie Sommers hearts Moneypenny: Well played, woman. COTD for sure.

On a totally unrelated topic, how about McNair?! Kuhh-razy! His poor wife…unless she was the one pulling the trigger.

@blogenfreude: Re: MJ vs. JC: “I think they’re both about even. They’re both icons.”

@SanFranLefty: When Stockton had a drum and bugle corps, large numbers of members were committed to it by the courts – join or do the time. It’s full name was the Police Athletic League Commodores of Stockton. They were legend for contesting their scores by overturning cars and busses. Our kind of people in a way.

@nojo: It’s telepathic interpretive iconography. The tree somehow intercepted the vision of all the 4-year-old boy assholes that MJ worshipped and buggered bloody and then, when the tree was pruned, it transmitted the image to its own severed limbs.


The McNair story is obviously going to get ugly. Could the cute young thing have been a bit emotional?

@drinkyclown: I, too, thought GOATSE when I saw that. In any case, I sure as hell don’t see MJ.

c’mon, it’s so obviously ed mCmahon.

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