We Demand a Recount

From Sarah Palin’s resignation speech:

In fact, this decision comes after much consideration, and finally polling the most important people in my life — my children (where the count was unanimous… well, in response to asking: “Want me to make a positive difference and fight for ALL our children’s future from OUTSIDE the Governor’s office?” It was four “yes’s” and one “hell yeah!” The “hell yeah” sealed it — and someday I’ll talk about the details of that…

We can’t wait to hear them. Did Trig vote the “hell yeah”?

Sarah Palin Resignation Speech [HuffPo]

I know, there’s no chance that wetsuits will be involved, but I can hope, can’t I?

This is what she’s going down for? Can’t anybody get a contractor up there? Remarkably similar to the Ted Stevens mess.

I can only say this: GOD BLESS DAVID LETTERMAN.

@blogenfreude: In a conventional political world, the story of the Wasilla hockey rink would have gotten a lot more play last fall. If that’s what takes her down now, there will be a nice poetic justice to it.

Oh, and to answer my question: Watch how fast Bristol quits the abstinence gig, and you’ll know the “hell yeah”.

@blogenfreude: Wasn’t the kid who knocked up her daughter an amateur hockey player? I wonder if this rink thing was to showcase his, uh, talents.

Seriously kids: today has been a good day. Got my haircut, did a little bit of chores, took copious naps (I’ve been exhausted lately), and wake up to Sarah Plain and Dumb. Ah, life.

P.S.: Those buttons on Sarah’s cloth coat? Honey. No.

Some may accuse you of being a robotic neo-con thumper clone. Don’t give them ammunition.

I’ve got it! She resigned because she wants to spend more time with Andy Card’s family. Hence the confusion about who the hell said “Hell, yeah!”

@nojo: Now that I think about it, this sort of thing seems to me to be something she would try to plow through. There may be more.

We are all missing something here. The first words out of her piehole today:

“Some say things changed for me on August 29 last year — the day that John McCain tapped me….”

I fucking knew it. Way to go, Geezer!

[Problem, however: his election lasted more than four hours and he did not consult a doctor right away.]

Someone posted this link to an Alaska blog on brand W.


As we suspected there is more the story than suspected.

SarahPAC seems to be a for-profit organization.
Actual cost of her legal fees is 300K. Amount asked for? 500K.
Might explain why the IRS is suddenly interested?

Now it’s all about waiting for the other shoe to drop unless they did a pro quid quo.

Meanwhile: Rich Lowry (he of “starbursts” fame), said this:

I think I have pretty well-established credentials when it comes to being charmed by Sarah Palin, but that statement, as a statement, was simply terrible.

Well, then.

@chicago bureau: Ahem.

But you’re forgiven. We’re all rushing for the same punchlines.

@chicago bureau:
Which is why Rich should realize that masturbating to political speeches is usually a bad idea.

Simple Sarah’s has made a lot of “serious” conservatives look “seriously” stupid on the public record and her meltdown/flameout just adds the sparklers to the cake.

@ManchuCandidate: SarahPAC claims to be a “federally registered political action committee that supports Gov. Sarah Palin’s plans to build a better, stronger, and safer America in the 21st century.”

On the other hand, the Alaska Fund Trust claims to be “the official website for the Governor Sarah Palin legal expense fund.”

By the way, I’m loving the emerging Sarah-as-Victim meme. Folks, until she’s accused of causing the suicide (or worse) of a close friend, you’re not even in the ballbark.

From what I’ve read, it seems they were interchangeable.

@ManchuCandidate: I haven’t been following that story very closely, but there was some confusion earlier this year, not necessarily caused by the organizers themselves. Unless I’m months behind that particular curve.

I just watched her speech, and there was something seriously wrong with her breathing, she was gasping for air. There is something deeper behind this, sounds to me like maybe someone got something really bad on her and forced her, or, she is going teh whacko.
Now, my favorite moment of the speech, she actually said this, I am too lazy to hunt down a transcript, but she said , paraphrasing, quotes just to indicate my paraphrase, but it was this rificulously direct, “I could stay in office, but that would be the quitter’s way out, so instead, I am gonna resign.”

Thats some world she lives in, for sure, you betcha, not quitting, thats for quitters.

Promnight: Not to be a thread whore, but your thinking is in line with conservative bloggers — as summarized here. Enlightening stuff.

@ManchuCandidate: By law, the IRS has like 300 days to make a determination of non-profit status for applicants. Given all the gangsters who have jumped out of the weeds to apply and cash in on the Faith Based Initiatives loot, and the fact there is still like one guy at a desk in the basement in Cincinnati to process them all it can take up to a year these days. Even if she filed for non-profit status the very first day that Psychogeezer dry humped her leg she may very will still not have official word on the determination.

@Promnight: You’d be gasping for air too if an agent spread out the paperwork he is going to file with the referral for your indictment and informed you that you were going to go to a place where huge, toothless serial killing women who shower annually are going to fight over who gets to sit on your face . . .

@FlyingChainSaw: Do the women like to punch out the teeth of their oral slaves, too, to prevent the odd dental accident from marring a good quim-licking?

I is serious, this is a Friday Night News Dump Announcement, but, Sarah being batshit crazy, she defeated the entire point of the traditional “Friday of a Holiday Weekend Announcement,” so drawn to the cameras is she, that she gave her insane, batshit, gasping, loopy statement, her narcissistic need for attention and self-aggrandizement being so insanely out of control.

She did not decide to do this freely.

She has an Argentinian girlffriend, or boyfriend, or a Great Dane with with an enormous long tongue, or she was videoed, on betamax, pulling a train with the Wassilla High football team, and someone showed her the tape, and said, “time to go, Sarah.”

@Promnight: Never thought of that not that they would have to ask. Everyone in prison is addicted to crystal meth and lose their teeth within months any way. But, sure, if some death dyke shaped like Jabba the Hutt wants to pull Sarah’s teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers to enhance Sarah’s twat-gobblin’, sure, it’s the will of god, you betcha.

Hell, she flat out said it, I am quitting, because I have to defend myself constantly from accusations I am an insane dumbfuck beauty-queen corrupt hayseed hatemongering shit for brains. She spent the whole speech trying to pre-emptively discredit whatever the new, really really fabulous accusation is going to be.

There is going to be some real big fun coming soon, I just know it.

The way this came out, I would not be surprised if livestock were involved. Come on, would anything but a fully engorged and unnaturally endowed stallion really satisfy this woman?

@Promnight: I saw the full 18 minutes late this afternoon, and yes — she was talking so fast, it was like Kate Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby.

And to add to the Dumpitude: Greta Van Enabler said the announcement was so fast and unexpected, the networks didn’t have time to set up a live feed from Wasilla.

Here or elsewhere today, someone mentioned old rumors about pestorking one of First Dude’s buddies. Something like that — as we’ve seen — would make sense of the moment.

You know, she hasn’t had a witchcraft-rebuking session lately. There’s your problem right there.

Now, on sober (well, kinda, sorta, I remember being sober once) reflection, sex wouldn’t even do this, nothing short of video, anyway.

No, its gotta be money. She’s been grafting and stealing, no way around that, hell, look what she did the minute the McCain campaign gave her a credit card, under the microscope of a presidential election campaign, she expensed silk underwear for The First Dude. Come on, if thats what she does within a week, in that situation, what the fuck you think she has been doing with the governor’s office funds, what kinda kickbacks and whatnot, shit, silk underwear for hubby on the campain account, this is the act of someone who views all money she can control, to be her money, period.

No, its gonna be some sad, stupid, really pathetic money thing, something really really fucking hayseed stupid, the kind of penny ante, naked, unconcealable, dumbfuck stealing where its so stupid, you feel sorry and embarrased for them, more than anything else.

OK, here’s the nut of the story


The embezzlement scandal involves the massive, $12.5 million sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through during her last term as Mayor in Wasilla. Federal investigators believe the price of the sports complex was inflated to provide free building materials and labor for the Palin home being constructed nearby.

Lemme think about this but this is exactly the kind of thing the FBI excels at pulling apart and crafting into a drop-dead simple forensic narrative.


Damn, I had three way sex with a moose in the pool.


@ManchuCandidate: What’s with all this moose business? Where do you come up with this twisted stuff?

New theory, provided by Amazon DVD suggestion: “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”

Just the company I keep here… Heh.

Bristol = Christina Applegate?

Tawdry, you know, just tawdry. Getting work done on your home, thats something the public works superintendant does. Dumbfuck, pigfucking dumb shit. There are so many “legit” ways to cash in on your public office, if you want to be corrupt, but keep to the non-indictable kind of corrupt. Its exactly why pigfucking is so shameful, not so much because you are fucking a pig, per se, though that is not good, for sure, its that, well, there really is never any good reason to fuck a pig, there are humans available who will fuck anyone, yet some people choose to fuck a pig. Its not that she pulled this little deal, per se, its the sheer dumbfuckery of how she pulled this deal, it could have been done in a so much better way, again, a non-indictable way.

Begala does a great, quick review of her statement, hilarious, this woman is realy fruitloops.


@ManchuCandidate: “Damn, I had three way sex with a moose in the pool.”

Isn’t having a backyard pool up there in Canada City kinda wasteful? I mean, you could only use it two months out of the year.

@Promnight: Begala swishes a free throw. No surprise.

@nojo: Its just so good, though, you know? Its just so good. Just when you think that lying hypocritical corrupt hatemongering shitbags always win, and earnest, well meaning, talented, decent humans, well, get fucked, and not in a good way, we get to see a soaring, shocking example of a major douchebag whose worship and elevation makes one question whether there is any justice in the world at all, we get to see said douchebag fail spectacularly, in a way that restores some hope of justice, and also, reveals the pigfucking shitstains who worshipped said douchebag as what they are, dumb fucks.

@Promnight: there was something seriously wrong with her breathing, she was gasping for air.

Over at Team Sarah, a different take:

WOW! From the excitement in Sarah’s voice this has got to be good for our country.

Gotta love ’em.

@Promnight: Never made an extra dime in business when I was in politics. Musta been doing something wrong.

@redmanlaw: In my little narrow interest area, we have some doozies, like the fact that the DMV changes the equipment requirements every other year for private inspection stations, just so the private inspection stations have to buy $10,000 worth of new equipment from the vendor the DMV makes my people buy from.

And I am sure all they (the vendor) have to do to get this $10,000 times 1,600 private inspection stations every other year is something picayune, like hire someone’s brother-in-law.

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