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Photo: Miss Ellie celebrates her win in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest’s pedigree class at the Sonoma-Marin Fair on Friday, June 26 [AP/LAT]

I thought they built up such a strong brand with Teabaggers and Teabagging!

This tea party highlights the intellectual heights, social grace and charisma that is the Contard movement (or not.)

So I come down innocently to my computer to get my work day started by reading prom’s dithyrambs and what do I find? nojo has links to tea baggin sites so naturally I have to click on a few and there goes my scant reservoir of Hope for the nation: drained by the ongoing fight against the astounding level of ignorance abroad in the land. I even found myself posting at a couple. Yes, I have sunk that low. Posting online comments with the rest of the losers. Wait.

BTW: cute tag-line. Took me a while to figure it out but I always figured the Higgins/Pickering story line had a pretty hot subtext. It know it did when I was Pickering. In the middle of The Rain in Spain (or, as we like to say, Spine) I’d whisper in Henry’s ear “Hey. Big boy, ditch the bitch and switch.”

Speaking of which: this sex tape with Johnny Earl. Do we know yet if that’s going to be available on Netflix?

Regarding the “dog.” Are you sure? There is butt-ugly and there is fugly. That that that thing is indescribable.

@Benedick Ahnuhld:
I don’t want to see “John and Rielle Make a Porno”

I’ve seen a couple of those celeb “sex” tapes (purely for research, I swear!) and I’d rather see regular old porno.

On a personal note, for this reason and a desire to never traumatize any children I might have by having “their “moment” of conception for the public record, I have no desire to star in any home made porn.

NEWS: Fred Travalena dies. Which means that Walter Cronkite is safe — he has the extraordinary good grace and undoubted class to not be the third, following Fred and Billy Mays yesterday. Thank God.

@chicago bureau: So we’ve had 5: Ed McMahon, Farrah, MJ, Billy and Fred. The rule of 3s no longer applies anymore, IMO, so I hope Uncle Walter’s guardian angels are watching him on overtime.

@rptrcub: Fred who? Sorry, he’s not on anyone’s radar … Walter will, sadly, be number 2, then … who knows?

@blogenfreude: On the other hand, John Byner and Rich Little better watch their backs.

nojo: I thought Rich Little was already dead. Shows to go you.

@chicago bureau: He certainly died at the Correspondents Dinner.

@nojo: And David Frye. So talented, but once Nixon resigned he had nothing to do.

@blogenfreude: Vaughn Meader has already left us, but his is the classic case of a popular impressionist whose career was cut short by events. The event in question happening on November 22, 1963.

@nojo: Was he featured in that “comedy” album called “The First Family” or something? One of the only ten or so albums my parents owned until we came along, hugely ironic given my mother’s distastehate for all things Kennedy.

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