Nico Pwns Dana



Does Dana Milbank wash the stick between insertions?

Dana Millbank is an utter pompous ass. So is Kurtz, but Millbank more so.

Difference between Barry and W?

Unlike W’s WH, the question wasn’t a kiss ass question and Nico’s not really a plant nor a male whore masquerading as a kiss ass.

Didn’t Dana Millbank wear that hunter’s vest after Cheney shot that guy? I think that was the moment I lost all respect for him.

Excuse me but they’re all cunts. I couldn’t watch past the 4:16 mark. Perhaps it has to do with my extreme antipathy for competition. All I can see from both of them is ambition. Pitney does not make his case with any clarity whatsoever. He just looks thrilled to be on TV. A pity. Because I thought he did well with the Iran posts. I’ll trust him a lot less in future.


Now it’s politico sex tapes. Figures, considering she’s a videographer. Makes Johnny Mill look more of a douche.

@RomeGirl: Yes indeed. With an orange cap too. I didn’t recognize him at first without it.
@ManchuCandidate: Edwards is an idiot, but that vicious little punk of an aide deserves to be horsewhipped. He’s obviously doing this to hurt Elizabeth Edwards further as well as to line his own pockets. He and St Martin’s Press are all scum.

UPDATE: Milbank is the picture of civility after the Reliable Sources segment.

TJ: U.S. men’s soccer team has blown their 2-0 lead over Brazil. Apparently they didn’t realize they have to play two halves of a game.

Dear god, why is Amazon offering me FOUR Charlie Rose interview DVDs? Who buys that? Who watches it??
BTW, I just bought an ice cream maker for Mr Cyn’s birthday (a month early so we can take advantage of berry season).

@blogenfreude: Okay, make that two sticks.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m getting those too — three of which feature Sully. We’re doomed.

thx 4 5t4|2t1|\|9 4 4r9 bn JR n /\/\3 about whether pwnded has jumped the shark, whether jump the shark has jumped the shark and how old I am.

@ManchuCandidate: Wow, I am imagining something like the sex scene in the Man Who Fell To Earth with Rielle shedding her skin and oatmeal oozing out of her tentacles.

@blogenfreude: The dart board is a klassy touch. “Score a bull’s eye for Jesus”?

@nojo: props on the tweet.

JR says: their argument is stupid playground childish stuff. On top of that, their argument isn’t valid because they’re making shit up, and they KNOW it. [still trying to get him to sign in on his own]

Meanwhile, some hate intrudes on Pride. Assholes set the Twin Peaks pink triangle on fire early this morning. There is a visible huge hole in the thing now.

@JNOV sing sin: I’m with JR. And that these two douchebags should be using the events of the past couple of weeks to show off to their moms on TV just like they saw the big guys do made me entirely enraged.

Actually, I was embarrassed for them both. They’re both of the school of journalism that shows up for pre-fabricated events to participate as co-conspirators in the foisting of trivia as news – rather than develop real news that is picked up by the wire services and denounced by the protagonists. If either of them were journalists the only role they would want to play at a press conference is having the administration denounce them when one of the wire guys at the event asks about a story they’d recently developed. Benedick’s description was apt and had the virtue, as well, of brevity.

I’d have taken back everything I ever said about Amanda Carpenter if she had taken out a (small) ruler, asked those two to drop their pants and settle this once and for all. What a lost opportunity.

I just cannot bring myself to care. Its midsummer, midsummer night passed me by last weekend, and once again I neglected to hold the traditional druid all night bachanal I have always wanted to have one misdummers night, to celebrate the shortest night of the year. It just gets darker from here.

Fuck politics, this is the time of year to be holding bonfires on a deserted beach and falling asleep under a blanket to the sound of the surf, after dancing to a drunken stoned state of profound zen happiness to old motown and classic punk rock and lots of Jonathan Richman, who knows exactly what I am talking about, with friends who will, because of that magic experience, become bonded to you by the shared memory as closely as old childhood friends, and even when you cannot repeat the experience, you will always have that memory to dig up and share and enjoy the afterglow of it again, as long as you live.

Its the time for making glad memories under the glorious sun, sharing food and drink and laughter, sharing the special intimacy of breaking the bonds and strictures of propriety and workaday life, staying up late, getting loudly, happily, exuberantly intoxicated, and doing those embarrassing things that are just right, not bad things, just funny and memorable and wonderful free and stupid things that responsibility and propriety and shame and the dull routine of life keep us from doing.

Thats what we should all be doing, you fucks, fuck politics, dammit.

Goddamit, I need a fucking all night beach party with a bonfire and a clambake and drunken dancing in the sand to all kinds of music, showtunes and motown and punk rock, and people wandering off to fuck, and people skinny-dipping, and no cares, for one night, no cares, lost in the night, up so late that Orion rises up over the ocean, in summer in NJ, Orion rises up out of the ocean just before dawn, and the fire will die down and people will wrap themselves in worn old wool blankets and fall asleep to the dying embers of the fire, to wake when the sun gets hot and swim in the ocean and have the water soothe all the evils of excess out of you, ready now for a full day long of drowsing half asleep between reading, swimming, and eating and drinking again, waiting for the most perfect cocktail hour to come again.

is it possible to have this party? I have to have this, before I die, I have to have this experience again, I had it once, at 18. Is it possible to have it again?

I am serious, is this dream party possible? Does that picture appeal to anyone at all? Dulce et decorum est desaparece en loco, is that the phrase? Can this be done? I need it, I need it so badly, all my glad memories are getting old, I need to make some happy, sweet, hilarious memories, to get me through the next few decades.

@Promnight: Count me in. You bring the tabouleh and I’ll make eggeh.

@Promnight: can we schedule it for sometime between this July 4th and the 11th when the Nabisco family will already be on the beach, but slightly south of you?

A bonfire, bottle rockets and Bonzo Goes to Bitburg for the 4th of July?

Look for my email off line, Prom.

@Promnight: Dude – that’s what we shoot for every summer at the RML summer bash. Good food, the nicest people you’d care to meet, the iPod blasting a mix from metal to meringue, the “Love Shack” camper trailer my buddy pulls up from Albuquerque for the Saturday night party, cool lighting scheme in the backyard, drinking wine around the fire pit at midnight, throwing devil’s horns with sportswriters to Tool at 3 am, rum drinks at 4 am, Portishead, dub, hookups, flirting, scandal, vomiting in the rose bushes, cigars, the Sunday morning survivor’s breakfast, dudes waking up with tile marks on their faces after sleeping on the floor, chill with house guests, then the afternoon and evening calls between Mrs RML and her girlfriends to dissect and analyze the various relati0nships and developments before throwing something on the grill before dinner. It’s easily a 48 hour process once you hit the door at Sam’s Club on Friday evening for the beer and chips, etc. Mrs. RML’s mom made us a huge vat of red chili for frito pies and chili dogs, people brought a couple of amazing cakes.

First opera of the summer: La Traviata. We’re going to a preview tonight for kid/family night. Official opening night is Thursday or Friday.

Spent the weekend painting after getting the floors sanded and sealed. Place is too nice for me to live in now.

@Nabisco: @redmanlaw: @Tommmcatt doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene:

Taking it in order, bottle rockets, one of lifes most appealing simple pleasures, if we can’t get them, we will fire of the shotgun flares on the boat.

RML, thats exactly the kind of party I mean, and this might sound dumb, but its not a party without a flirting scandal and vomiting in the rose bushes. The most perfect end to a party I have had in the last 10 years involved skinny dipping in the bay, floating about naked in inner tubes, with cuban cigars and stingers, straight up in proper cocktail glasses. Nirvana, nakedness, water, cuban cigars, and stingers, the perfect last drink.

And, for the last, what the hell is MMDA? Even the most common ditchweed is what I would have in mind.

Laugh at me if you will, but for this party, The Romantics, they never broke up and have been playing bars around Detroit for 20 years, and in 2003 they put out an album, 61/49, here is a track:

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