Koenigsegg to buy Saab!?


And in other news, the New York Times is reporting that General Motors has managed to find a buyer for its troubled Saab unit:

Koenigsegg, a small company with just 45 staff that makes only a handful of cars a year, came out of nowhere to emerge as a front-runner to buy Saab.

This is a boutique automobile manufacturer that yearly produces less than twenty units of it’s only model offering, the ultra-exclusive exotic sports car, the CCX. A rather surprising turn of events, indeed. One wishes the new company well.

After the jump: Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson reviews the CCX:


Thank you for this … it’s as if I blogged in my sleep. And yes – it would be a good thing if Saab goes back to Swedish hands. Still, the CCX almost killed the Stig. Needs more downforce on the rear wheels.

yeah, but it would be a great way to die. WOW.
THIS is why they took my keys and licence away.

Brits in cars. It’s not pretty. All those teeth. And what’s with the ‘lip-wristed’ joke? Hasn’t he looked in a mirror? Car go vroom. I must go make a cup of tea. TTFN.

@baked: For the price of that thing you could have, what, five Nissan GT-Rs? If I have to go out driving, give me the keys to one of those and a ticket to the Nürburgring.

@blogenfreude: I’ll take another one. Or a Vette, perhaps the greatest deal in supercardom.

@baked: I checked – $650,000 for the CCX, so you could have half a dozen GT-Rs. Or twenty-six Priuses, if my math is correct.

Eighty one Toyota Tacomas at the price I paid in 2000 for my rockin’ little truck.

You guys can blame me for any books on firearms that may be appearing in the amazon ad due to my recent purchases, including a guide to the Springfield M1903, books on skeet shooting and gun maintenance, and another one on building catapults and crossbows.

i always say, i’d rather have one 500 dollar sweater than 5 1oo dollar ones………

the vehicles that robbed me of my driving privedges for life were the rx7, the 911 and the boxter. awesome, all.
the new 4 door jeep rubicon that’s waiting for me on the island is way awesome too.
did i ever tell you about my first car? a souped 1972 442.
Thee muscle car!!
priuses depress me
/vagina american motorhead

@blogenfreude: These people can get my business if they revive the 72 Buick Electra 225 convertible. Otherwise, hey, the CCX thingie is a nice try at a car.

I don’t see making any trips to the dump in a Saab, or a Koenigsegg or even Mrs RML’s Ford Escape, although we did make donation runs in it this morning to the Salvation Army and the soup kitchen at the homeless shelter. Strictly utilitarian vehicle user here. If you can’t beat it up, get it stuck in a sandy arroyo or a muddy mountain road, and throw a bunch of crap in the back, I’m not interested.

@redmanlaw: Just for you – part one of the Top Gear guys trying to kill a Toyota pickup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrk6vsb77xk

Other parts will pop up after viewing first – four parts total as I recall. One of the funniest pieces of television I’ve ever seen. It will make you feel even better about your truck purchase.

@blogenfreude: I killed a Toyota by attempting to drive it across what was usually a trickle across a reservation dirt road that was blown out by the spring runoff. I didn’t have a snorkel on my truck, so it drowned halfway. We towed it back to town to my Mormon mechanic Doc (a friend’s dad, member of Mom’s church), who spent a day or two trying to blow out the moisture. Apparently he didn’t get it all since I blew out a chunk of the engine block after the moisture inside expanded coming back from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on I-25. I had steam streaming from under the hood like a contrail, which actually looked pretty cool. We had it towed to the dealer and they took it as a trade in. Needless to say, I don’t ford rivers that are deeper than the axles anymore.

@blogenfreude: I saw that when I was traveling earlier this year or last year. Disgusting abuse of a perfectly good truck. Made me nauseous like when Schwartzenegger destroyed one of his cars on his campaign. Senseless destruction. I love those stories in the Subaru magazine of people with 1,442,232 miles on their GLs who are saving for a new battery or who have recently installed a recycled rug in the front or something. Just destroying useful things like this is really pornographic.

@FlyingChainSaw: My reaction was quite different – I lost it when they put it on the roof of that building.

And may I also point out that this was posted by Serolf Divad. I am no longer the only contributor guilty of carblogging.

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