Corraling the Riot Police

Again, pretty amazing footage:


Are they shitting me? All it would take is for 10 or 20 guys in a crowd that size to get a clue and run toward the twits on the Yamahas. With bare hands and feet, a mob like this could have these cops dismembered in a matter of moments. I give the riot cops credit for incredible guts. American cops would not approach a crowd of that size without tanks and helicopter gun ships.

@FlyingChainSaw: during the Berkeley troubles in the 60s a cop got lured into an alley, knocked down and killed. I think he was shot with his own gun. The perp was never found.

@FlyingChainSaw: Recall that Ahmadinejad (sp?) likened the protesters to unruly soccer fans. We Americans couldn’t pull this off because the best we do during our Sport is hurl epithets (or batteries) from a distance.

Be afraid of crowd control in soccer-mad countries. You will require back up.

@Nabisco: Crazy Man:

” ‘He ran a red light, and he got a traffic ticket,’ Mr. Ahmadinejad said of his rival during a news conference at the presidential palace.”


@Nabisco: Fight in the stands, piss themselves, fall down stairs. I defer to JNOV for more details on True Sport Fan Behavior.

@redmanlaw: Booing Santa Claus, rinse/repeat.
@baked: This is more like the entire Ohio state university system!

p.s. I like the tweet today; but how long before Darth Cheney gets wind of peaceable greetings in Persian/farsi on stinque?

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