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This is my favorite Warner Bros. cartoon EVAR. Post a link to yours in the comments. And yes – I am basically a big six-year-old. Deal.


They are the best!!! Oh the number of performances I’ve based on Daffy!!!! He is God.

Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century!!!!!!!

However, I’m more like Porky Pig, the trusting yet cynical side kick.

Too lazy to search for the clip, but my favorite Daffy moment:
“I’m not like other people!!! Pain hurts ME!!!!”

“Duck season.” “Rabbit season.”

My two favorite moments:

Bugs acting like a manicurist with the monster, filing his nails and saying “so, you’re a monster, you must meet the most interesting people in that line.”

The other is when Bugs and Daffy are hiding from Fudd in his rabbit hole, and Bugs tells Daffy to stick his head up to see if its safe. 20 hunters waiting around the hole shoot Daffy in the face. He goes back down, his bill is upside down on the back of his head. He stops (great comedic timing), turns his bill around and positions it properly, spits out a bunch of bullets, and reports that the hunters are “Still lurking about.”

Gremlins from the Kremlin, is great, and the one in which Fudd has a nightmare, the Bugs Bunny in his dreams sequence, so trippy, with the SuperChief, “the rabbits are coming hooray hooray,” and all other sorts of wierdness.

I LOVE Warner Brothers cartoons.

In later Warners cartoons, one must never forget Foghorn Leghorn and the chickenhawk.

From the early, 1930s WB stuff, there is a lot that is not being released because of the racism, but there were these two magpies, obviously meant to be black guys.

And, too, also, Bullwinkle was the South Park of its day. All the jokes were over the heads of the kids.

The Bugs cartoon with the dopey vulture, and his eastern european momma.

@blogenfreude: Is that the first Wiley Coyote? He never speaks in the roadrunner cartoons. Amazing, I never realized to this day there is no dialogue in Roadrunner cartoons, ever.

No one ever calls anyone “Mac” anymore.

I like the animation in the earlier BB cartoons better. There’s a real difference in the backgrounds and the look of the cartoon. I like the opera cartoons, the hunting cartoons, the bullfighting cartoons, and the Yosemite Sam cartoons involving explosions using massive amounts of gun powder and/or dynamite. Sheepdogs doing their job. Foghorm Leghorn. I hate Tweety. Sylvester should get to eat his ass sometime. I made an allusion to WB cartoon the other day in a describing a reloading effort where I forgot to put primers in a couple of cartridges, so they leaked powder when I picked thm up, “like in a Yosemite sam cartoon.”

Going back a bit, I really love “Touchdown Mickey” and “Steamboat Willie” from another studio. B and W, y’all.

ADD Hey – you all see baked at a recent film award thing?

@Dodgerblue: I say, I say, I say, Boy, thats a joke, son.

@Promnight: Our former Gov. Bruce King was totally like Foghorn Leghon.

@Promnight: The chicken hawk and BB going to Pismo Beach. Bought my kid a video tape of old Looney Tunes cartoons. Quite racist.

@Promnight: two magpies, obviously meant to be black guys.
Heckle & Jeckle?

@Mistress Cynica:
how about the recent windex commercial where the the 2 crows, obviously meant to sound very homeboy, scheme to have the dopey white guy banging into the glass doors? i was shocked, i say, i say, i say boy
LERVE the foghorn!

reds, i’m so much taller!! ;-)

O/T inspired by OA’s angst, first i want to send him a big hug ((((((OA)))))
and give him hope and inspiration. i was up very late saturday night talking to israeli lawyers at a party doing legal research. there are 7 countries and 6 usamerican states where same sex marriage is legal, let’s look at the glass half full. hey, june is gay pride MONTH in israel!! the gayest friendly country on earth! how’s this for a wacko law: same sex marriages cannot take place in israel, BUT, israeli citizens can go to one of those 7 countries or 6 states, go back to israel and be recognized as lawfully married with full protection and benefits as any other marriage. at first i thought HUH? then i realized what a good idea it is, takes the struggle out of the whole thing. i was also informed their idea of free speech here stops at peacefully assembled people carrying a hate sign. they have no tolerance for it. the moron who holds up a sign with an aborted fetus, kill the homos, reopen auschwitz, would be promptly carried off and charged. “intent to incite” is interpreted differently. our first amendment is fucked up compared to many other countries. which also answers the question why i’ve been retired for 10 years and why do i hate america?

I’m convinced, on no evidence whatsoever, that the writers of the WB cartoons came from vaudeville. I love how free of cant and sentimentality they are.

Oh. And Sylvester, his son, and the baby kangaroo. Oh, father!

@baked: Hello, dearest. My thinking is evolving on this topic. The situation is made more difficult by that old canard of states’ rights. As an immigrant I got to tell you the idea makes no sense whatsoever, but there you go. As you’re all sick of hearing I am legally married and live in a state which recognizes my marriage and it means piss. Only when there is a national law will there be progress and that’s not going to happen any time soon. Now is not the time to try to bring anything before the Supreme Court. Or deflect what’s left of the country from the major struggles ahead: health care, Iraq, the economy. If Americans want to marry they can either go to MA or CT or, soon, IO and VT. Or do what we did and go to Canada. The more people who do this the harder it will be to deny our rights. Indeed, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this right now and then demand a married rate on their auto insurance. It would be much more effective than some ridiculous ‘march’ on DC.

I’m actually now at the point where I’d prefer a civil union that gave me full marriage benefits. Having seen its supporters I’d rather have nothing to do with marriage.

Don’t have a favorite. But —

[pause, looks]


@chicago bureau: Just reading that made me cry with laughter.


@Benedick: I wish civil unions were an option for everyone. Mr Cyn and I want nothing to do with marriage either, but OR only allows civil unions for teh gheyz.

Whatever happened to June Bugs on Cartoon Network? That was such a great way to blow through a weekend.

@mellbell: Looks like June Bugs went to Boomerang (70s and classic cartoons) for a while then just died.

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