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“We would not have toilets if a capitalist had not taken a chance, held his breath and flushed.” — The Anchoress.


The ancient cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, e.g., Harappa[1] and Mohenjo-daro[2] which are located in present day India & Pakistan had flush toilets attached to a sophisticated sewage system[3]—and other forms of toilets were used both in the time of the Romans and Egyptians as well.[4] Although a precursor to the modern flush toilet system was designed in 1596 by John Harington,[5] the toilet did not enter into widespread use until the late nineteenth century, when it was adopted in English upper class residences.[6]

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Discoveries/inventions happen regardless whether it is a private or public endeavor.

In many cases, the status quo capitalists have helped hinder innovation as much as helped it.

You’ve topped yourself with this one, Bloggie. Now, please stop; one day you will take one step too far into wingnuttery, and we won’t be able to get you back.

@Nabisco: The father of a college friend worked with Bruno Bettelheim. Each shrink working with an autistic kid had another shrink to tether him.

Yes, but capitalists were the first ones who charged people to use toilets. See, taking a dump is a money making opportunity!

Now the ad is for the Front Line Firearms Training Academy – or something like that. RML – care to comment?

The invention of the toilet, however, has been completely eclipsed by a naturally occurring alternative – The Anchoress’s face, a visage upon which God intends for us to take a monster fucking crap.

I was at work most of the day. I see I’ve missed a lot.

STINQUE SPORT UPDATE: Penguins 2:1 Wings. Props to Nabisco. Detroit sucks. Carry on.

@blogenfreude: Give Google time — bidet toilet attachments only $80! Now your toilet can piss back!

@chicago bureau: I actually know very little about the Sport, but after briefly flirting with “Iceburgh” I went with a shout of “Pucksburgh” which I hope to be able to take to the bank for serious coin tomorrow.

Equally important? The Bears won the minors cup as well.

HEY, leave Ecclesiastes alone, its the only worthwhile book in the bible.

@blogenfreude: Firearms training center in Pahrump NV, famous as being the home of the late great Art Bell radio show. Apparently they’re popular and are well-regarded but have had legal problems relating to memberships and marketing. Some believe the Front Sight founder has ties to Scientology because of his “clear” status and business methods. Their email newsletter and other materials are annoying.

Dare I bring up the fact that the modern toilet is wholly unsuited to proper evacuation? Civilized folk for millenia have known the pure bliss of a shit taken whilst squatting. Once again, economics trumps ergonomics.

@Pedonator: Last time I squatted, I was camping on public land, no campground, in the desert, near Sedona Arizona. It was late in the evening, I had been relaxing, had a bourbon, perhaps, and maybe a medicinal herbal inhalant, when the call of nature made itself known. I took my trowel, my TP, and walked away from the camp, walked a d stance I felt necessary for privacy, circling around patches of scrub and such, it was beautiful, the shapes and colors, all different from the daytime look of the desert, I was happy and serene, I found the most beautiful, perfect place, under the stars, completely removed from any sign of humanity and civilization, I dug my little hole, did my business, stood up, happy and content, ready to walk back to camp, and suddenly realized, I had no idea which direction to go. Ooops. Dark night, every patch of scrub looked like every other. The eerie (they were beautiful when it was light out) rock formations of the mogollon rim looked the same as they looked from the tent, it was only 100, maybe 200, feet away, but I was lost. And stoned. It was a totally frightening 10 minutes, let me tell you. I like toilets, I have never gotten lost on a toilet.

@Promnight: Sounds idyllic. Sometimes being lost is the whole point.

But really I mean that we should all have a different type of toilet, the kind I’ve found here and there on travels, perfectly clean and sanitary but designed to align your insides for the perfect squirt.

And while we’re at it, why is it so hard to find a fucking bidet in this most enlightened and developed country in the history of civilization?

I still have somewhere a fine sample of asswipes from a London public commode. But you can save the airfare and just cut a sheet of wax paper into small squares.

@nojo: It’s almost as if the Western Civilization is a conspiracy to convince us our asses are dirty because, well, after all the WC makes them so.


It makes sense that the natural way would be best. Can’t say I am a fan, but then again I never really tried, and I have had ample opportunities to…


Its hard to get lost on a toilet, I’d wager.

Now after you exit the can, well that’s a different story.

How’s you figure it out, anyway?

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